Declaration of authorization


Cover Letter(s)

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                                                                                       RF.160,lse 02

Declaration of Authorization

Name:          Gibson Innovations Limited
Address:       SFF Phiips Electronics Building, 5 Scierce Park East Ave, HK Science Park
Giy          Shatn, NT
State        Na
Gountry:     HongKong
Deciare that
Name Representative of agent Ms. Gathy Wang
Agent Gompany name: BTL Inc.
Address: No.3 Jnshagang 1st Road, Shixia, Dalarg Toun
Gity: Dong Guan
Country: Ghina

is authorized to apply for Gertfication and sgring related documents of the following product(s)
including 781 form(s)
Product description: Soundbar speaker wth Dolby Atmos
Type designation: BB7, BNF7 ,B8"*(the ""**can be 37 or F7 for market use)
Trademaric. Philips
Foo in 22AMte8

on our behiall

Date:—     2017—08—02
Gity:      Shatin, NT
Name:—      Benson Lai
Function:. Manager


():Requtedtor FOb applearon
(2):For FCG it mustbe e Graniee Code ‘onmer" o e cumarzed agert

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