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Amelia World Corporation dba LINSAY
1523NW 165th Street , SUITE B, MIAMI, Florida, United States

   Federal Communications Commission
   Authorization and Evaluation Division
   1435 Oakland Mills Road
   Columbia, MD 21046

   Date: 2019—09—05
   SUBJECT: FCC Application for FCC ID: 2AAC3—F10XHD

   To Whom It May Concern:

   I, the undersigned, hereby states this equipment has been tested and found to comply
 _ with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to part 15 of the FCC Rules, and
   will apply the Supplier‘s Declaration of Conformity procedure to the class B
   computer peripheral portion of this composite device. I understand the following FCC
   1. Devices subject to the SDoC procedure are required to be tested to show
   compliance with the FCC technical regulations by a recognized accredited testing
   laboratory. The testing laboratory must be accredited by a Commission approved
   accreditation body or designated under the terms of a government—to—government
   Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA). A listing of those accredited testing
   laboratories that have been recognized by the Commiuission is published on the FCC
   Webpage: (Select the
   "accredited" option to search for FCC recognized accredited test firms.)
   2. Pt 2.1077 contains the list of information that must be included in the Supplier‘s
   Declaration of Conformity, which must be supplied with each product sold. The
   SDoC compliance info shall be included in the User‘s Manual or as a separate
   sheet. The info must contain the name, address, and phone number of the
   responsible party, which must be located within the United States. According to
   2.909(b), the responsible party is either the Manufacturer or if the product is
   imported the Importer.


Amelia World Corporation dba LINSAY

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