Approval of Request to Withold Exhibits from Public

0040-EX-RR-2000 Correspondence



                          Experimental Licensing Branch
                                  Washington, DC 20554

                                                              In reply refer to: m/s 1300E 1

Mr. Kenneth A. Gamache
ViaSat, Inc.
125 Nagog Park
Acton, MA 01720

Re: File No.: 40—EX—RR—2000; Call Sign: KG2XAK

Dear Mr. Gamache:

This letter is in response to the above referenced application and the request to withhold
exhibits from public inspection.

Based on our evaluation of the material submitted in the exhibits, this office will
preliminarily grant confidential treatment for the material pursuant to 47 CFR Section
0.459(d). In the event a request for inspection of this material is filed pursuant to the
Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), we will reconsider the material to determine if it
falls within the exemption to the FOIA.

Accordingly, exhibits of the original application will be withheld from public inspection
in accordance with the provisions of Section 0.459 until April 1, 2005. The period may
be extended upon presentation of adequate justification with the renewal of the license.


Robert M. Bromery
Chief, Electromagnetic Compatibility Division

cc: Christopher J. Wright, General Counsel


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