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                                                                          GLI-METRO RK
                                                The “Smart” GPS Repeater System

KEY FEATURES                                    INTRODUCTION
                                                GPS Source’s GLI-METRO marks the integration of the latest GPS retransmission technology
» Precise control over output signal            into a self-contained unit. The GLI-METRO RK is a complete GPS retransmission system that
  level                                         includes: GLI-METRO (GPS Retransmission LRU), active antenna, passive antenna, swivel
» Passes L1 (L1/L2 optional)                    mount, pole mount, surge supressor and cabling. A smart repeater system, with a simple user
» High frequency selectivity                    interface, it is perfect for the commercial and public sector. Derived from high performance
» Antenna monitor with alarm                    systems for military applications, the GLI-METRO retransmission device features L1 GPS Signals
                                                (optional L2 for approved applications), an antenna monitor, and oscillation detection/mitigation.
» Perfect for any GPS retransmission
                                                PRECISE CONTROL
                                                With the GLI-METRO retransmission system, the user has control over effective radiated
                                                power (ERP) levels. This is regardless of the uncertain loss or gain in the receive antenna
AVAILABLE OPTIONS                               cable network. It is smart enough to automatically condition the signal and prevent changes in
                                                performance. With an optional Bluetooth wireless interface also available, it may be configured
» Power Supply AC & DC                          remotely.
» Filter L1/L2
» Bluetooth                                     OSCILLATION DETECTION & AUTOMATIC MITIGATION
                                                The GLI-METRO GPS retransmission system prevents system oscillation that can occur as
                                                a result of impropert installation or operation. If the GLI-METRO detects oscillation, it will
                                                independently reduce the system gain. Even if the GLI-METRO is improperly installed or
                                                operated incorrectly, it will still prevent system oscillation.

                                                BUILT-IN TROUBLESHOOTING
                                                The GLI-METRO will identify and isolate the following:
                                                 - Oscillation condition                     - Internal component failure
                                                 - High gain                                 - Less than four satellites
                                                 - Low gain                                  - No satellites with adequate signal
                                                 - Short/Open circuit                          (call for complete list of conditions)
REPEATER NOTICE: Due to current
regulatory considerations, GPS Repeater kits
are only available for sale to: International   SYSTEM INCLUDES:
Customers (outside the U.S.), agencies          » GLI-METRO
of the US Federal Government, parties           » Passive Antenna
operating under the direction of the US
Federal Government, or parties that have        » Active Antenna
received an STA or Experimental License         » Swivel & Pole Mount
under part 5 of the FCC rules, or parties
that will be operating GPS Repeaters in a
                                                » COPRO Surge Protector
shielded room.                                  » 3 ft (.9m) C240 coaxial cable
                                                » 100 ft (30.48m) C240 coaxial cable
                                                  (Other cable configurations are available).

                                                                                                                             An AS9100 Certified Company

                         Specifications                                             GLI-METRO RK Specifications

  OUTPUT PORTS                                       PHYSICAL SPECIFICATIONS
  » Number of ports          2                       » RF connectors
                                                        N (m, f)
  ELECTRICAL SPECIFICATIONS                             SMA (m, f)
  » Input/Output impedance 50Ω                          TNC (m, f)
  » SWR all ports (typical)                             SMB (f)
     Input:                 2:1                         SMC (f)
     Output:                2:1                         BNC ( (m, f)
  » Bandwidth                                        » Weight 1.1 lbs (499 g)
     L1                     1574.42±15 MHz           » Size: 5.87” x 3.15” x 1.9”
  » Gain (typical)          0-55dB                      (149.1mm x 80mm x 48.3mm)
                                                     » Operating temperature -40 to +85ºC
  » Gain flatness           <3 dB
  » Noise figure            <3 dB
  » AC input level          110 VAC
  		                        230VAC UK
  		                        230VAC European                                               5.87 in
  » DC input level          10VDC min.                                                   149 mm
                                                                                                       4.74 in
  » Active Antenna Output                                                                             120.4 mm
       Power Supply         Output 6.8V

                                                                                                                                        3.15 in
                                                                                                                                        80 mm

                                                                                                     6.253 in
                                                                                                    158.8 mm

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