Question 7 Experimentation Description

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                          Question 7: Purpose of Experiment

a) Per criteria in Section 8.3.28 of the NTIA Manual, the station class should be “XT.”
   The GPS re-radiators will be used as “Experimental RNSS test equipment for the
   purpose of testing GPS receivers” installed in aircraft while the aircraft are inside the

   Other attachments to this application show how this system complies with the criteria
   of section 8.3.28 of the NTIA Manual. Attachments to this application are:

       •   Facility drawing with radiating antenna location
       •   Power calculations
       •   Stop buzzer Points of Contact
       •   GPS Metro Tech Data

b) The specific objective we wish to accomplish is to ensure aircraft GPS navigation
   systems are functioning properly at the time the systems are installed on the production
   lines without having to relocate the aircraft outside of the hangar. This allows a
   functional checkout at the time of installation, while the avionics and wiring are easily
   accessible. This method ensures the systems function properly and avoids disrupting
   the work flow on additional aircraft with associated delays and costs.

c) This program will reduce time required to produce aircraft, increase efficiency and
   contribute to ensuring the reliability of aircraft GPS navigation systems.

Very Respectfully,

Dan Hankins
Spectrum Manager - Sr
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