Incoming generated [May 6 2019]

0137-EX-CN-2019 Correspondence

Tecore, Inc.


From: Carli Rae Bernal

To: Leann Nguyen
Date: May 06, 2019

Subject: Request for Info - File # 0137-EX-CN-2019

Good Afternoon Leann,

We have updated our application to remove the frequency bands which require coordination with outside
entities in order to facilitate the timely processing of this application. Tecore will submit a subsequent
License request, once it has had the opportunity to coordinate with existing spectrum holders. This
revision eliminated the request for bands:

788-798 and 758-768

and modifies our previous request for:

2496-2690, and replaces it with:


All other band requests remain unchanged. Please let me know what other information you require for
approval. Thank you for your consideration.

Thank you,

Carli Rae Bernal

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