E-Mail generated [Apr 22 2019]

0137-EX-CN-2019 Correspondence

Tecore, Inc.


To: Carli Rae Bernal
E-Mail: cbernal@tecore.com
From: Leann Nguyen
Date: April 22, 2019

Subject: Request for Info - File # 0137-EX-CN-2019

For operations the frequency band 2496-2500 MHz, please provide a written consent from Globalstar. To
request this consent, please contact:

Contact: David Weinreich
Company: GlobalStar
Email: David.Weinreich@globalstar.com

The items indicated above must be submitted before processing can continue on the above referenced
application. Failure to provide the requested information within 30 days of April 22, 2019 may result in
application dismissal pursuant to Section 5.67 and forfeiture of the filing fee pursuant to Section 1.1108.

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