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Silvus Technlogies, Inc.


        March 06, 2019

        In re Application of

        Silvus Technologies, Inc.
        10990 Wilshire BLVD., Suite 1500
        Los Angeles, California 90024

        To operate within the 2200-2290MHz and 4400-4940MHz Telemetry Bands in Los
        Angeles, California.

        ATTN.: Microwave Branch

        Silvus Technologies, Inc. hereby requests Special Temporary Authority (STA) to operate
        within the 2200-2290MHz and 4400-4940MHz telemetry bands pursuant to Section 21.25
        of the Commission’s Rules. Silvus Technologies, Inc. requests that the Commission grant
        it temporary authority to operate on the frequencies centered on 2210MHz, 2235MHz,
        4410MHz and 4440MHz with 20MHz bandwidths from April 01, 2019 through May 15,
        2019 with intermittent usage. As explained below, Silvus Technologies, Inc is filing an
        STA request to demonstrate data coherency in a MIMO / MANET configuration for a US
        Army contract requirement.       Silvus Technologies, Inc., submits that there are
        extraordinary circumstances warranting a grant of the STA request.

        Silvus Technologies, Inc., is seeking to demonstrate contractually required Mobile Ad-
        Hoc networking testing in congested and contested environments with regard to data
        coherency, propagation, data throughput, vehicle integration and impact utilizing various
        IP sensors for a US Army contract. Due to the extreme frequency congestion within the
        Southern California Area, Silvus Technologies, Inc. requests the use of these channels.

        Silvus Technologies, Inc. certifies that the operation of the requested channel for the
        purposes specified herein will not cause interference to any established stations.

        Grant of the instant request for STA for the 2.2GHz and 4.4GHz bands would serve the
        public interest by enabling Silvus Technologies, Inc., to demonstrate the reliability of their
        emission scheme as it relates to transmitting and receiving consistent data remotely. The
        proposed service would enable the demonstration of the Streamcaster SC4200 / SC4400
        transceiver / antenna array in a terrestrial exercise.

        In accordance with Section 74.633 of the Commission’s Rules, the following is provided:

        Applicants Name:         Silvus Technologies, Inc.
        Address:                 10990 Wilshire BLVD., Suite 1500
                                 Los Angeles, California 90024

        Type and Manufacturer
        Of Equipment:         Streamcaster SC4200 / SC4400

        Power Output:            4W

        ERP:                     12W

        Emission:                20M00D7W

        Frequency:               2210.0MHz

        Area of Operation:       10Km

WinchWorks, LLC: Silvus Technologies, Inc. CA
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        Coordinates:              34 06 52.93 N
                                  118 29 17.30W

        Antenna Height:           6’ AGL

        Antenna:                  2dBi Vertical

        Antenna Gain:             2dBi

        Dates of Operation:       April 01, 2019 – May 15, 2019
                                  (Intermittent Usage during these days)

        Silvus Technologies, Inc. requests an STA to operate on the above-referenced frequency
        for a period not to exceed six months. No application for regular authorization will
        subsequently be filed.

        Silvus Technologies, Inc. certifies that no party to the application is subject to a denial of
        federal benefits pursuant to Section 5301 of the Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1988, 21 U.S.C x

        Should you have any questions regarding this matter, please contact, John Winch, by
        telephone 626 676 1470.

        Respectfully submitted,

        By:     John Winch
                Frequency Coordinator

WinchWorks, LLC: Silvus Technologies, Inc. CA
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