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0623-EX-ST-2019 Text Documents

Persistent Systems, LLC


Persistent Systems, LLC
Request for Grant of Special Temporary Authority
File No. 0623-EX-ST-2019


Persistent Systems, LLC requests a grant of special temporary authorization for terrestrial-only
testing of a mobile networking (MANET) system to fulfill a contract for the United States Navy
at four locations at and near Virginia Beach, Virginia. It is urgent to conduct point-to-point
testing of embedded modules utilizing various embedded antennas to and from various locations
within a 50-km radius of Virginia Beach, Virginia. The antennas will be both omnidirectional
with between 3 and 8 dB of gain, and directional sector antennas with up to 12 dB gain. The
center frequency at each location will be 2227 MHz, 2377 MHz, 1372 MHz, 4700 MHz and
4890 MHz with a 20 megahertz occupied bandwidth. Power levels will be either 6 or 10 watts
TPO with ERP levels at either 6.50 W, 10.4 W, 23.08 W, 38.46 W or 96.61 W. All of the
transmit locations specified herein are each located on either of two Military installations, Joint
Expeditionary Base Fort Story and Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek, in Virginia Beach.
One transmit location is on a United States Navy Vessel operating at Little Creek and in the
Chesapeake Bay nearby. Antenna heights will vary among less than 6 meters AGL, 12.9 meters
AGL or 47.55 meters AGL. In the technical portion of the application, the worst-case
configuration is listed.

AFTRCC Coordination for the channel 2377 MHz has been applied for and coordination will be
filed when received.

Throughout the testing period, complete shutdown of all antennas can be accomplished
immediately. Should any interference be reported, all testing and evaluations will cease
immediately and will not resume unless and until all such interference is resolved to the
reasonable satisfaction of the complainant.

The stop buzzer contact for this operation is Mr. Anthony Maringo, whose mobile number is
732-829-2805. Other questions should be directed to undersigned communications counsel, who
can be reached as follows:

Christopher D. Imlay
Booth, Freret & Imlay, LLC
14356 Cape May Road
Silver Spring, MD 20904-6011
(301) 384-5525 office telephone
(301) 384-6384 facsimile
(301) 351-3795 mobile

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