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Panasonic North America


Panasonic C-V2X (5850-5925 MHz) License Modification Request
Purpose of Request:
Panasonic, on behalf of the Colorado Department of Transportation is deploying C-V2X technology on
the I-70 Mountain Corridor in Colorado. During the early deployment activities, Roadside Units were
deployed which can be set to either DSRC or C-V2X communications mode. Also, during these early
deployment activities, a relatively small number of C-V2X vehicles (94) were deployed on the corridor to
ensure C-V2X basic functionality. The purpose for submitting the quantity increases in our recent
amendment is to increase the penetration of C-V2X enabled vehicles (with Ficosa C-V2X devices) on the
C-V2X-enabled I-70 corridor in Colorado. This additional penetration will allow for more C-V2X vehicles
to interact with each other and for that interaction to be captured via the C-V2X Roadside Units
previously deployed.

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