Purpose of STA and Frequency Coordination Narrative

1091-EX-ST-2013 Text Documents

MRTC Motorsport Communications


MRTC Motorsport Communications
MRTC, Ltd.
Application for Special Temporary Authority
File No. 1091-EX-ST-2013


The purpose of this STA is to test an automobile racing communications system for voice and
telemetry that is in the developmental stage.

The applicant requires two frequency pairs in the range 167-168 MHz and 172 MHz for duplex
voice operations and a single frequency in the range of 442 MHz for telemetry.

The proposed operation in the Amateur Radio band 420-450 MHz near 442 MHz has been
coordinated with local Amateur Radio coordinators and with ARRL, the national association for
Amateur Radio. The applicant has consulted the ULS database with respect to the VHF channel
ranges sought and will utilize only unoccupied channels in the area of the Sebring International

The “stop buzzer” contact on site on behalf of the applicant will be Mr. Steve Harris, whose
mobile number is +44 7973 391 410.

Other inquiries can be addressed to undersigned counsel:

Christopher D. Imlay
Booth, Freret, Imlay & Tepper, P.C.
14356 Cape May Road
Silver Spring, MD 20904-6011
(301) 384-5525 office

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