Incoming generated [Jun 19 2019]

1067-EX-ST-2019 Correspondence

Kymeta Corporation


From: Robert Koppel

To: Behnam Ghaffari
Date: June 19, 2019

Subject: 1067-EX-ST-2019

OET: According to your statement "Kymeta also notes that it already holds Part 25 blanket
authority to operate up to 11,000 fixed and mobile units across the United States.", if you already
have a license then why do you need an experimental authorization?

Response: Kymeta holds Part 25 blanket authority for its first generation antenna. Kymeta seeks
experimental authority to test and demonstrate its second generation antenna. The differences are as

First generation (u7 antenna): Diameter is 70 cm, transmit gain is 33.0 dBi
Second generation (u8 antenna): Diameter is 82 cm, transmit gain is 34.5 dBi

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