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1067-EX-ST-2019 Correspondence

Kymeta Corporation


From: Robert Koppel

To: Behnam Ghaffari
Date: June 18, 2019

Subject: 1067-EX-ST-2019

Why do you need a Nationwide experimental license? Why can't this be done in some selected

Kymeta needs a nationwide license because it does not know in advance the sites for providing
demonstrations to potential customers. Kymeta notes that the FCC has previously granted multiple
experimental licenses for Kymeta to test its flat panel antenna on a nationwide basis. In the case of
mobile operations (STA 1076), Kymeta has previously used experimental authority for “road
trips” across the United States. Drive testing is critical for Kymeta to evaluate antenna tracking
performance and link characteristics in various driving scenarios and locations with legacy wide beam
and high-throughput satellites.

Kymeta also notes that it already holds Part 25 blanket authority to operate up to 11,000 fixed and mobile
units across the United States. The existing authorization, however, is for Kymeta’s first
generation u7 antenna. The STA is requested for Kymeta’s next generation u8 antenna.

Will your operation/demo be done in 6-months? Do you intend to file for a regular experimental license?

Kymeta plans to file for a Part 25 blanket authorization within 6 months, using the results of its testing.

Aside from the proposed ERP, what is the difference between pending STAs 1067- and 1076?

1076 is for mobile testing (at a maximum power of 16 watts). 1067 is for fixed testing (at a maximum
power of 40 watts).

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