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Government Contract Details

The Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) intends to use IMSAR’s UWB-band radar system, which is based upon
heritage FMCW NanoSAR™ technology, to best achieve the customer’s stated performance objectives to assist
in a search for evidence in support of an ongoing criminal investigation. The scope of IMSAR’s work includes
supplying existing radar hardware and supporting sensor data collection over search areas designated by the

Company and Technology Background

         IMSAR LLC has radar technology that is able to track moving targets, image the surface of the earth,
create digital elevation maps, assist in search and rescue operations, and detect small changes in a scene, such
as the movement of a vehicle. Various branches of the US military, including the Navy, Army, and Air Force, as
well as some commercial businesses, have expressed interest in this technology. The size, weight, power, and
cost of IMSAR’s Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) system, known as NanoSAR, are an order of magnitude less than
similar systems.
         IMSAR performs SAR tests from a small aircraft. Directional transmit and receive antennas are
nominally pointed toward the earth. Reflected signals are collected and processed to create images of the
ground. Transmission is a linear frequency modulated continuous wave (LFM-CW), or a "chirp," with the
frequency being swept from the minimum to the maximum frequency 1000 times per second. A chirp signal is
illustrated in Figure 1. Because the transmission sweeps are very rapid, the average power at any given
frequency is extremely low, as is the likelihood of detection by (i.e., interference to) systems operating in
the same frequency range.

                 Figure 1. Example LFM chirp signal, increasing in frequency from left to right, then repeating.

An example of the geometry of a SAR is shown in Figure 2.

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       Figure 2. Example SAR geometry, from an airborne platform.

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