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0481-EX-CN-2019 Text Documents

Globalstar, Inc


Form 442 Question 6: Description of Research Project (Form 442 Experimental License Request)

       Applicant:                                 Globalstar, Inc.
       Form 442 File Number:                      0481-EX-CN-2019

The objective of the Globalstar Form 442 Experimental License request is to support communications
for the Space Dynamics Laboratory MONOLITH CubeSat mission. The objectives of the MONOLITH
project are presented in the Experimental License Application submitted by Space Dynamics Laboratory
for the MONOLITH CubeSat mission, NTIA File SPS-23060/1.


   This request is related to NTIA File SPS-23060/1 filed by Space Dynamics Laboratory.

    In its request, Space Dynamics Laboratory sought authority to operate a LinkStar-STX3 transceiver
module (FCCID: 2ANKS-LINKSTAR-STX3). This transceiver is integrated into the MONOLITH CubeSat
which will be launched into low-earth orbit. Data collected by the MONOLITH CubeSat will be transmitted
by the Globalstar module and relayed to the mission operations center by means of the Globalstar
system constellation and the associated ground infrastructure.

    In this Experimental License request, Globalstar seeks authority, in connection with the
aforementioned CubeSat mission, to:

   1. receive transmissions from the licensed transmitter modules and to relay the data to the mission
      operations center

    The only change from Globalstar’s currently licensed operations is that the Globalstar constellation
will be receiving transmissions from an FCC-approved terminal located on a space station rather than
communicating with this terminal from its usual earth-based location. Globalstar’s License does not
cover space-to-space operation, thus requiring this Experimental License request.

   It is anticipated that the MONOLITH CubeSat mission will be in orbit for approximately 24 months.
Space Dynamics Laboratory will notify the FCC of the dates of actual operation, once those dates
have been established.

NTIA Contact:
      Mission: Space Dynamics Lab MONOLITH
      Shaobei Xu, GS-13 USAF ACC AFSMO/AFSMO/SMI <shaobei.xu.1@us.af.mil>

Contact Person:
      David Weinreich Manager, Spectrum and Regulatory Engineering
      Phone: 301-651-4552
      E-Mail: david.weinreich@globalstar.com

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