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0251-EX-CN-2019 Text Documents

FCL Tech, Inc.


                                      Narrative Statement
                                         Question #7

        The request for a new experimental license is an extension of the Special Temporary
Authority (“STA”) (WM9XQD, 0720-EX-ST-2018) granted by the Commission to FCL Tech on
May 3, 2018. That STA has expired yet FCL Tech seeks to continue the testing. The
experiment will validate a backhaul network through a Very Small Aperture Terminal (“VSAT”)
antenna to facilitate the provision of wireless 2G and LTE networks for the surrounding areas.
With two overlapping nodes, the experiment will also examine hand-off signaling and receiving
signals while changing the signal sources. The experiment will permit FCL Tech to gain
operational experience in installing, setting up, testing, and monitoring the network. This
experiment is internal to FCL Tech and involves no external end users. It will contribute to the
development, extension, expansion, and utilization of the radio art by facilitating the validation
and development of LTE network services for underserved communities. A regular license is
being sought rather than a renewal of the existing STA because it is now contemplated that the
continued testing could require up to an additional year. None of the technical parameters for the
experiment are changing.

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