Dynetics, Inc.


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Filing Notes:

Transfer of control from Dynetics, Inc. to Leidos, Inc.2020-01-30
To develop, test, and validate a ground surveillance radar2020-01-09
New experimental for the operation of Fortem low weight, low power prototype radar to detect and track unmanned aircraft systems UAS in the 16.2 - 16.5 GHz band. 2019-10-09
Modification of existing license to add new locations to test a tracking and discrimination radar2019-09-12
Modification to add new location to test DARPA MFP system. 2019-09-10
Modification of existing license to add a new location. Testing data link for the air vehicle prototype UAS. 2019-08-29
To test a tracking and discrimination radar2019-03-29
Testing prototype radar.2018-09-10
New experimental in 3.09375- 3.296975 GHz to develop, test and validate a ground surveillance radar. 2018-08-15

Documents and Communications: [refresh]

Exhibit 1Text Documents2020-01-21
E-Mail generated [Jan 23 2020]Correspondence2020-01-23
Incoming generated [Jan 29 2020]Correspondence2020-01-29
Notification of ConsummationPost Grant Documents2020-02-06
WJ2XQX Notification of DiscontinuancePost Grant Documents2020-04-28
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The following lists all licenses associated with this assignment
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View Filing Callsign File Number Transferee Name
View File! Parent Application 0004-EX-TU-2020 Leidos, Inc.
View File! WH2XCQ 0020-EX-TC-2020 Leidos, Inc.
View File! WH2XPJ 0021-EX-TC-2020 Leidos, Inc.
View File! WI2XWC 0022-EX-TC-2020 Leidos, Inc.
View File! WJ2XDH 0023-EX-TC-2020 Leidos, Inc.
View File! WJ2XOF 0024-EX-TC-2020 Leidos, Inc.
View File! WJ2XQT 0025-EX-TC-2020 Leidos, Inc.
View File! WJ2XQV 0026-EX-TC-2020 Leidos, Inc.
View File! WJ2XQX 0027-EX-TC-2020 Leidos, Inc.
View File! WJ2XQZ 0028-EX-TC-2020 Leidos, Inc.
View File! WG2XPU 0018-EX-TC-2020 Leidos, Inc.
View File! WH2XBY 0019-EX-TC-2020 Leidos, Inc.
View File! WK2XCV 0029-EX-TC-2020 Leidos, Inc.
View File! WK2XCW 0030-EX-TC-2020 Leidos, Inc.
View File! WK2XOG 0031-EX-TC-2020 Leidos, Inc.
View File! WK2XPU 0032-EX-TC-2020 Leidos, Inc.


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