Cover Letter and Experiment Description

0163-EX-CN-2019 Text Documents

Alliant Techsystems LLC.


                                                    Northrop Grumman Innovation Systems
                                                      Alliant Techsystems Operations LLC.
                                                                        4700 Nathan Lane
                                                                      Plymouth, MN 55442

Federal Communications Commission
Experimental Radio Services
P.O.Box 358320
Pittsburg, PA 15251-5320

Dear Sir or Madam:

Northrop Grumman Innovation Systems’ Alliant Techsystems Operations hereby
requests an experimental license for the explicit purpose of integration and testing of
medium caliber projectiles in the 11.7-11.8GHz band.

Approval of this experimental license will allow for timely verification of the command,
control, and telemetry sub-systems. It must be stressed that Northrop Grumman strives
to eliminate any stray emissions from its facilities while testing. Testing will be
performed at Northrop Grumman’s outdoor weapons range in Elk River, MN. Due to the
rural location of the facility Northrop Grumman does not anticipate any additional
coordination to be required. The parameters of the RF transmissions for this
experimental license are provided in the application.

Please call me (763-744-5272) if you have any questions concerning this application.
Thank you in advance for your prompt attention to this matter.


                                              Mark Turpin, Sr. Principal Electrical Engineer
                                                  Northrop Grumman Innovation Systems
                                                                       Armament Systems

                     4700 Nathan Lane, Plymouth, MN 55442   •   763-744-5272

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