Dismissal Without Prejudice generated [May 9, 2008]

0024-EX-PL-2008 Correspondence

Aerospace Corporation, THE


                                 FEDERAL CONlMUNlCATlONS COMMISSION
                                       Experimental Licensing Branch
                                     445 12th Street, S.W., Room 7A-321
                                          Washington, D.C. 20554

                                                May 09, 2008

Attn Oavld Hlnkley (M2-246)
Aerospace Corporation, THE
1350 E CI Segundo Blvd
I I Segundo, CA 90245

                                     DISMISSED-WITHOUT PREJUDICE

Clear [ I a v ~ dHinkley (M2-246),

l~hisrefers to application, File No. 0024-EX-PL-2008, for an experimental authorization

You are advised that the Commission is unable to grant your application for the facilities requested.
Based on your current STAs, the FCC International Bureau has expressed concern that your frequency IS
not allocated for satellite operations. Please prior coordinate future testing with the International Bureau to
deterrriine a better frequency for long term testing.

liesponses to this correspondence must contain the Reference number : 6388


                                                                 /James R. Burtle
                                                                   Experimental Licensing Branch

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