FCC Code Part 5 subpart 63e

0024-EX-PL-2008 Text Documents

Aerospace Corporation, THE


FCC Code Part 5, subsection 63e questions:
Revision 4-18-08

   (1) The AeroCube-3 satellite will not release any debris into space. Its orbit is low enough
       (275 miles) that it is predicted to re-enter in 1.5 years (see separate exhibit “AC3 Testbed
       orbit lifetime”).
   (2) The AeroCube-3 satellite does not have any items that can explode. The surface coatings
       of the satellite are chosen such that all the components are at room temperature ±25C.
   (3) The AeroCube-3 satellite does not have any propulsion for station keeping. It will be
       deposited into an orbit by the launch provider and will decay from there until it re-enters.
   (4) The AeroCube-3 will re-enter in 1.5 years per analysis. A de-orbit balloon may be
       intentionally deployed and that will speed re-entry to approximately 1 month. See
       separate exhibit “AC3 Testbed orbit lifetime.” The AeroCube-3 satellite weighs 1 kg and
       its main structural element is a 4x4x4 inch aluminum shell. It is predicted to burn up
       during re-entry.

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