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                                     FAA Concurrence of Record TRK 190193 — Message (HTMD)

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                 FAA Concurrence of Record TRK 190193
To @Bradirish
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iEX       TRKc 190193.NG T190221.FieldsSummary.paf .
          .pdf File

 Dear Proponent,

 Your Frequency Coordination Request has been engineered by FAA Spectrum Engineering.TRK 190193 is assigned an FAA
 Coordination number NG T190221 which indicates FAA‘s concurrence. Please note that this does not constitue authoriy to
 A formal applcation must be fled with the FCG,that includes reference to the above FAA Coordination number which is valid untl
 10/9/2019. f an extension is desired, please submit an inquiry via WebFORfor an extension. Your authory totransmit accordingly
 must be obtained from the FCC
 The attached file contains a Surimary Table of the key record parameters documented throughout the process. The follwing
 Revision Table outines the attrbutes which were revised

  Attribute      Revised Value
  Frequency M1227.6000

 Thank You
 FAA Spectrum Engineering

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