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Applications for Satellite Earth Station licenses or registration (Part 25) Transfer of Control

Latest Satellite Earth Station : Transfer of Control Filings by Status Update

Last UpdateFile NumberApplicantCallsignStatus
2023-06-14SES-T/C-INTR2023-02688 DataPath, Inc. Internet Not Processed
2023-06-07SES-T/C-20220310-00270 Teton Opco Corp.E190826 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-06-07SES-T/C-20220316-00284 WBNS-TV, Inc.E030358 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-06-07SES-T/C-20220316-00285 RadiOhio IncorporatedE100111 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-06-07SES-T/C-20220316-00286 Cape Publications, Inc.E180167 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-06-07SES-T/C-20220316-00287 LSB Broadcasting, Inc.E040037 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-06-07SES-T/C-20220316-00288 Cape Publications, Inc.E080247 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-06-07SES-T/C-20220316-00289 LSB Broadcasting, Inc.E060155 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-06-07SES-T/C-20220316-00290 WWL-TV, Inc.E190646 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-06-07SES-T/C-20220316-00291 WWL-TV, Inc.E050141 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-06-07SES-T/C-20220316-00301 WBIR-TV, LLCE881195 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-06-07SES-T/C-20220316-00292 WTOL Television, LLCE181676 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-06-07SES-T/C-20220316-00293 WUSA-TV, IncE860813 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-06-07SES-T/C-20220316-00294 WVEC Television, LLCE060052 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-06-07SES-T/C-20220316-00295 TEGNA Broadcast Holdings, LLCE030089 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-06-07SES-T/C-20220316-00296 Sander Operating Co. III LLCE150127 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-06-07SES-T/C-20220316-00297 TEGNA Memphis Broadcasting, Inc.E070092 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-06-07SES-T/C-20220316-00298 VideoIndiana, Inc.E000093 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-06-07SES-T/C-20220316-00302 WCNC-TV, IncE990338 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-06-07SES-T/C-20220316-00303 KFMB-TV, LLCE980001 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-06-07SES-T/C-20220316-00304 King Broadcasting CompanyE181616 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-06-07SES-T/C-20220316-00305 KFMB-TV, LLCE200130 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-06-07SES-T/C-20220316-00306 KXTV, LLCE950381 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-06-07SES-T/C-20220316-00307 WFMY Television, LLCE180888 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-06-07SES-T/C-20220316-00308 WBIR-TV, LLCE190974 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-06-07SES-T/C-20220316-00309 WCNC-TV, IncE190533 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-06-07SES-T/C-20220316-00310 WKYC-TV, LLCE200296 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-06-07SES-T/C-20220316-00311 WBNS-TV, Inc.E181188 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-06-07SES-T/C-20220316-00312 RadiOhio IncorporatedE200757 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-06-07SES-T/C-20220316-00313 KENS-TV, INC.E8686 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-06-07SES-T/C-20220316-00314 Combined Communications of Oklahoma, LLCE4386 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-06-07SES-T/C-20220316-00315 Combined Communications of Oklahoma, LLCE150119 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-06-07SES-T/C-20220316-00316 TEGNA East Coast Broadcasting, LLCE030195 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-06-07SES-T/C-20220316-00317 King Broadcasting CompanyE000367 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-06-07SES-T/C-20220316-00318 KWES Television, LLCE190093 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-06-07SES-T/C-20220316-00319 KENS-TV, INC.E010264 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-06-07SES-T/C-20220316-00320 Multimedia Entertainment, LLCE970313 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-06-07SES-T/C-20220316-00321 KXTV, LLCE130002 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-06-07SES-T/C-20220316-00322 Multimedia Entertainment, LLCE181133 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-06-07SES-T/C-20220316-00323 Multimedia Holdings CorporationE050344 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-06-07SES-T/C-20220316-00324 Multimedia KSDK, LLCE880678 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-06-07SES-T/C-20220316-00325 Multimedia Holdings CorporationE000082 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-06-07SES-T/C-20220316-00326 Pacific and Southern, LLCE150117 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-06-07SES-T/C-20220316-00327 Multimedia KSDK, LLCE190639 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-06-07SES-T/C-20220316-00328 Sander Operating Co. I LLCE150124 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-06-07SES-T/C-20220316-00329 Pacific and Southern, LLCE190752 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-06-07SES-T/C-20220316-00330 Sander Operating Co. III LLCE181528 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-06-07SES-T/C-20220316-00331 TEGNA Broadcast Holdings, LLCE050059 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-06-07SES-T/C-20220316-00332 TEGNA Memphis Broadcasting, Inc.E070161 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-06-07SES-T/C-20220316-00333 Sander Operating Co. I LLCE200062 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-06-07SES-T/C-20220316-00334 VideoIndiana, Inc.E190576 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-06-07SES-T/C-20220316-00335 WVEC Television, LLCE070070 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-06-07SES-T/C-20220316-00336 WTOL Television, LLCE980177 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-06-07SES-T/C-20220316-00337 WUSA-TV, IncE181681 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-06-07SES-T/C-20220316-00338 WKYC-TV, LLCE080085 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-06-07SES-T/C-20220316-00339 WFMY Television, LLCE150108 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-06-07SES-T/C-20221017-01074 King Broadcasting CompanyE950147 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-06-07SES-T/C-20230515-01121 DataPath, Inc.E080208 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2023-05-25SES-T/C-INTR2023-02168 DataPath, Inc. Filed - payment received
2023-05-18SES-T/C-INTR2023-02283 BP Broadband Aggregator, L.P. Internet Not Processed
2023-05-09SES-T/C-INTR2023-01995 Tata Communications Netherlands B.V. Filed - payment received
2023-04-25SES-T/C-INTR2023-01873 SATELLITE TECHNOLOGY SYSTEMS, LLC Internet Not Processed
2023-04-12SES-T/C-20230209-00155 Maxar License Inc.E040264 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-04-12SES-T/C-20230209-00156 Maxar License Inc.E120040 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-03-28SES-T/C-INTR2023-01409 Hawaii Pacific Teleport LLLP Filed - payment received
2023-03-28SES-T/C-20230322-00454 Hawaii Pacific Teleport LLLPE000127 System Entry
2023-03-22SES-T/C-20220111-00035 Schurz Communications, Inc.E200305 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-03-01SES-T/C-20230210-00180 The Switch Enterprises, LLCE080194 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2023-02-21SES-T/C-INTR2023-00496 The Switch Enterprises, LLC Filed - payment received
2023-02-11SES-T/C-INTR2023-00461 Maxar License Inc. Filed - payment received
2023-02-11SES-T/C-INTR2023-00462 Maxar License Inc. Filed - payment received
2023-01-16SES-T/C-INTR2023-00133 FM Radio Licenses, LLC Internet Not Processed
2023-01-13SES-T/C-INTR2023-00111 FM Radio Licenses, LLC Action Complete
2023-01-13SES-T/C-INTR2023-00124 FM Radio Licenses, LLC Internet Not Processed
2022-12-20SES-T/C-20221129-01355 KOKH Licensee, LLCE181425 Action Complete
2022-12-20SES-T/C-20221129-01358 KUTV Licensee, LLCE9462 Action Complete
2022-12-20SES-T/C-20221129-01362 KTUL Licensee, LLCE880002 Action Complete
2022-12-20SES-T/C-20221129-01376 SINCLAIR EUGENE LICENSEE, LLCE920489 Action Complete
2022-12-20SES-T/C-20221129-01383 Sinclair Media Licensee, LLCE900512 Action Complete
2022-12-20SES-T/C-20221130-01377 SINCLAIR PORTLAND LICENSEE, LLCE070029 Action Complete
2022-12-20SES-T/C-20221130-01378 SINCLAIR SEATTLE LICENSEE, LLCE020291 Action Complete
2022-12-20SES-T/C-20221130-01379 WBMA Licensee, LLCE970058 Action Complete
2022-12-20SES-T/C-20221130-01380 WCHS Licensee, LLCE120011 Action Complete
2022-12-20SES-T/C-20221130-01381 WEAR Licensee, LLCE100027 Action Complete
2022-12-20SES-T/C-20221130-01382 WGME Licensee, LLCE130232 Action Complete
2022-12-20SES-T/C-20221129-01387 SINCLAIR BOISE LICENSEE, LLCE000090 Action Complete
2022-12-20SES-T/C-20221130-01385 WSET Licensee, LLCE180120 Action Complete
2022-12-20SES-T/C-20221130-01386 WKRC Licensee, LLCE980346 Action Complete
2022-12-20SES-T/C-20221130-01388 WZTV Licensee, LLCE120019 Action Complete
2022-12-20SES-T/C-20221130-01389 WWMT Licensee, LLCE080029 Action Complete
2022-12-20SES-T/C-20221130-01390 WJAR Licensee, LLCE030019 Action Complete
2022-12-20SES-T/C-20221130-01392 WJAC Licensee, LLCE880611 Action Complete
2022-12-20SES-T/C-20221130-01393 WMMP Licensee L.P.E200877 Action Complete
2022-12-20SES-T/C-20221130-01394 WOAI Licensee, LLCE890633 Action Complete
2022-12-19SES-T/C-20221129-01344 Harrisburg Licensee, LLCE120032 Action Complete
2022-12-19SES-T/C-20221129-01345 KABB Licensee, LLCE120010 Action Complete
2022-12-19SES-T/C-20221129-01347 ACC Licensee, LLCE010272 Action Complete
2022-12-19SES-T/C-20221129-01349 Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc.E020167 Action Complete
2022-12-19SES-T/C-20221129-01353 KEYE Licensee, LLCE030013 Action Complete
2022-12-19SES-T/C-20221130-01348 WLUK Licensee, LLCE040477 Action Complete
2022-12-19SES-T/C-20221130-01350 WLOS Licensee, LLCE900033 Action Complete
2022-12-19SES-T/C-20221130-01351 Sinclair Television Media, Inc.E3276 Action Complete
2022-12-19SES-T/C-20221130-01352 WTVC Licensee, LLCE881057 Action Complete
2022-12-19SES-T/C-20221130-01354 WRGB Licensee, LLCE160160 Action Complete
2022-11-29SES-T/C-INTR2022-03854 Sinclair Television Media, Inc. Internet Not Processed
2022-11-29SES-T/C-INTR2022-03857 ACC Licensee, LLC Internet Not Processed
2022-11-29SES-T/C-INTR2022-03859 Harrisburg Licensee, LLC Internet Not Processed
2022-11-29SES-T/C-INTR2022-03861 KABB Licensee, LLC Internet Not Processed
2022-11-29SES-T/C-INTR2022-03863 KATV Licensee, LLC Internet Not Processed
2022-11-29SES-T/C-INTR2022-03865 KEYE Licensee, LLC Internet Not Processed
2022-11-29SES-T/C-INTR2022-03866 KOKH Licensee, LLC Internet Not Processed
2022-11-29SES-T/C-INTR2022-03867 KTUL Licensee, LLC Internet Not Processed
2022-11-29SES-T/C-INTR2022-03868 Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc. Internet Not Processed
2022-11-29SES-T/C-INTR2022-03869 KUTV Licensee, LLC Internet Not Processed
2022-11-29SES-T/C-INTR2022-03870 SINCLAIR BOISE LICENSEE, LLC Internet Not Processed
2022-11-29SES-T/C-INTR2022-03871 SINCLAIR EUGENE LICENSEE, LLC Internet Not Processed
2022-11-29SES-T/C-INTR2022-03872 Sinclair Media Licensee, LLC Internet Not Processed
2022-11-29SES-T/C-INTR2022-03873 SINCLAIR PORTLAND LICENSEE, LLC Internet Not Processed
2022-11-29SES-T/C-INTR2022-03874 SINCLAIR SEATTLE LICENSEE, LLC Internet Not Processed
2022-11-29SES-T/C-INTR2022-03875 WBMA Licensee, LLC Internet Not Processed
2022-11-29SES-T/C-INTR2022-03876 WCHS Licensee, LLC Internet Not Processed
2022-11-29SES-T/C-INTR2022-03877 WEAR Licensee, LLC Internet Not Processed
2022-11-29SES-T/C-INTR2022-03878 WGME Licensee, LLC Internet Not Processed
2022-11-29SES-T/C-INTR2022-03879 WICS Licensee, LLC Internet Not Processed
2022-11-29SES-T/C-INTR2022-03880 WJAC Licensee, LLC Internet Not Processed
2022-11-29SES-T/C-INTR2022-03881 WZTV Licensee, LLC Internet Not Processed
2022-11-29SES-T/C-INTR2022-03882 WJAR Licensee, LLC Internet Not Processed
2022-11-29SES-T/C-INTR2022-03883 WKRC Licensee, LLC Internet Not Processed
2022-11-29SES-T/C-INTR2022-03884 WLOS Licensee, LLC Internet Not Processed
2022-11-29SES-T/C-INTR2022-03885 WLUK Licensee, LLC Internet Not Processed
2022-11-29SES-T/C-INTR2022-03886 WMMP Licensee L.P. Internet Not Processed
2022-11-29SES-T/C-INTR2022-03887 WOAI Licensee, LLC Internet Not Processed
2022-11-29SES-T/C-INTR2022-03888 WWMT Licensee, LLC Internet Not Processed
2022-11-29SES-T/C-INTR2022-03890 WPDE Licensee, LLC Internet Not Processed
2022-11-29SES-T/C-INTR2022-03891 WPEC Licensee, LLC Internet Not Processed
2022-11-29SES-T/C-INTR2022-03892 WTVC Licensee, LLC Internet Not Processed
2022-11-29SES-T/C-INTR2022-03893 WRGB Licensee, LLC Internet Not Processed
2022-11-29SES-T/C-INTR2022-03894 WSBT LICENSEE, LLC Internet Not Processed
2022-11-29SES-T/C-INTR2022-03895 WSET Licensee, LLC Internet Not Processed
2022-11-15SES-T/C-INTR2022-03653 OneWeb Technologies Inc. Filed - payment received
2022-11-15SES-T/C-20221107-01254 OneWeb Technologies Inc.E000361 System Entry
2022-11-03SES-T/C-INTR2022-03588 COGENT INFRASTRUCTURE INC Internet Not Processed
2022-11-03SES-T/C-INTR2022-03589 COGENT INFRASTRUCTURE INC Internet Not Processed
2022-11-02SES-T/C-20221010-01093 Woodward Communications, Inc.E090087 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-10-19SES-T/C-INTR2022-00882 King Broadcasting Company Filed - payment received
2022-10-19SES-T/C-20220829-00932 Sprint Communications Company L.P.E6241 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-10-19SES-T/C-INTR2022-03266 Woodward Communications, Inc. Filed - payment received
2022-10-19SES-T/C-INTR2022-03326 COGENT INFRASTRUCTURE INC Filed - payment received
2022-10-19SES-T/C-20220929-01058 T-Mobile License LLCE040169 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-10-16SES-T/C-INTR2022-03124 T-Mobile License LLC Filed - payment received

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