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Applications for Satellite Earth Station licenses or registration (Part 25) Modification to a current license, authorization or accounting rate

Latest Satellite Earth Station : Modification Filings by Status Update

Last UpdateFile NumberApplicantCallsignStatus
2020-09-18SES-MOD-20190301-00219 Speedcast Communications, Inc., as a debtor-in-possessionE030170 Blocked
2020-09-18SES-MOD-20191002-01250 KVH Industries, Inc.E130226 Blocked
2020-09-18SES-MOD-20191016-01321 KVH Industries, Inc.E130227 Blocked
2020-09-18SES-MOD-20191016-01322 KVH Industries, Inc.E120107 Blocked
2020-09-18SES-MOD-20191205-01639 Speedcast Communications, Inc., as a debtor-in-possessionE910609 Blocked
2020-09-18SES-MOD-INTR2020-02656 Viasat, Inc.E170088 Internet Not Processed
2020-09-17SES-MOD-20181030-03753 GCI Communication Corp.E960450 Action Complete
2020-09-17SES-MOD-20181030-03761 GCI Communication Corp.E120021 Action Complete
2020-09-17SES-MOD-20181030-03763 GCI Communication Corp.E960447 Action Complete
2020-09-17SES-MOD-20181030-03764 GCI Communication Corp.E960442 Action Complete
2020-09-17SES-MOD-20181030-03765 GCI Communication Corp.E960441 Action Complete
2020-09-17SES-MOD-20181017-04171 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.E860103 Action Complete
2020-09-17SES-MOD-20190827-01107 KATV Licensee, LLCE940446 Action Complete
2020-09-17SES-MOD-20190913-01169 GCI Communication Corp.E960388 Action Complete
2020-09-16SES-MOD-20180926-03571 Gray Television Licensee, LLCE180618 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-09-16SES-MOD-20181030-03728 GCI Communication Corp.E960446 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-09-16SES-MOD-20181030-03729 GCI Communication Corp.E960448 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-09-16SES-MOD-20181030-03735 GCI Communication Corp.E960369 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-09-16SES-MOD-20181030-03747 GCI Communication Corp.E960426 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-09-16SES-MOD-20181030-03748 GCI Communication Corp.E960432 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-09-16SES-MOD-20181030-03749 GCI Communication Corp.E960435 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-09-16SES-MOD-20181030-03751 GCI Communication Corp.E960455 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-09-16SES-MOD-20181030-03752 GCI Communication Corp.E040394 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-09-16SES-MOD-20190405-00446 HNS License Sub, LLCE940460 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-09-16SES-MOD-20181029-03909 WMHT Educational TelecommunicationsE050187 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-09-16SES-MOD-20190712-00902 Learfield Communications Inc.E5184 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-09-16SES-MOD-20191106-01415 Alascom, Inc.E2274 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2020-09-16SES-MOD-20191106-01473 Alascom, Inc.E2236 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2020-09-16SES-MOD-20191106-01474 Alascom, Inc.E2212 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2020-09-16SES-MOD-20191106-01475 Alascom, Inc.KE44 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2020-09-16SES-MOD-20191106-01476 Alascom, Inc.E2213 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2020-09-16SES-MOD-20191106-01477 Alascom, Inc.E2273 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2020-09-16SES-MOD-20191107-01469 Alascom, Inc.E2282 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2020-09-16SES-MOD-20191107-01470 Alascom, Inc.E2276 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2020-09-16SES-MOD-20191107-01471 Alascom, Inc.E2277 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2020-09-16SES-MOD-20191107-01472 Alascom, Inc.E2203 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2020-09-16SES-MOD-20191122-01553 Alascom, Inc.E4490 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2020-09-16SES-MOD-20191122-01573 Alascom, Inc.E2216 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2020-09-16SES-MOD-20191122-01574 Alascom, Inc.E000650 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2020-09-16SES-MOD-20191122-01575 Alascom, Inc.KZ27 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2020-09-16SES-MOD-20191122-01576 Alascom, Inc.E2220 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2020-09-16SES-MOD-20191122-01584 Alascom, Inc.E6239 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2020-09-16SES-MOD-20191122-01585 Alascom, Inc.E2214 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2020-09-16SES-MOD-20191122-01586 Alascom, Inc.E6238 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2020-09-16SES-MOD-20200107-00009 Telesat Network Services, Inc.E160134 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2020-09-16SES-MOD-20181016-06512 Spectrum Oceanic, LLCE6736 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-09-16SES-MOD-20181016-06542 Spectrum Southeast, LLCE010328 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-09-16SES-MOD-20181016-06543 Spectrum Pacific West, LLCKG47 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-09-16SES-MOD-20181016-06544 Spectrum Pacific West, LLCKD28 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-09-16SES-MOD-20181016-06545 Spectrum Pacific West, LLCKT87 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-09-16SES-MOD-20181016-06546 Spectrum NLP, LLCE980458 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-09-16SES-MOD-20181016-06547 Spectrum Pacific West, LLCE080189 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-09-16SES-MOD-20181016-06559 Spectrum Southeast, LLCWG89 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-09-16SES-MOD-20181016-06560 Spectrum Southeast, LLCE7992 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-09-16SES-MOD-20181017-06596 Spectrum Pacific West, LLCKM91 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-09-16SES-MOD-20181017-06597 Spectrum Pacific West, LLCE100094 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-09-16SES-MOD-20200403-00369 Intelsat License LLC, as debtor-in-possessionE190491 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-09-16SES-MOD-20200602-00589 ISAT US Inc.E150097 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-09-16SES-MOD-20200612-00615 Televicentro of Puerto Rico, LLCE100047 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-09-16SES-MOD-20200611-00674 Kymeta CorporationE170070 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-09-16SES-MOD-20200804-00816 Monticello Media LLCE180549 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-09-16SES-MOD-20200910-00979 Gray Television Licensee, LLCE180611 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-09-16SES-MOD-20200910-00982 Western WI. Comm. LLCE181755 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-09-16SES-MOD-20200911-01003 Magnum Broadcasting, Inc.E201059 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-09-16SES-MOD-20200914-01013 Bakken Beacon Media LLCE190986 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-09-14SES-MOD-20181015-03897 Deerfield Media (Rochester) Licensee, LLCE6537 Administrative Correction
2020-09-14SES-MOD-INTR2020-02592 Bakken Beacon Media LLCE190986 Filed - payment received
2020-09-11SES-MOD-20181016-06297 Spectrum Sunshine State, LLCE950119 Administrative Correction
2020-09-10SES-MOD-20181030-03913 San Bernardino Community College DistrictE040158 Administrative Correction
2020-09-10SES-MOD-20181016-06505 Spectrum Sunshine State, LLCE950123 Administrative Correction
2020-09-10SES-MOD-INTR2020-02523 Gray Television Licensee, LLCE180611 Filed - payment received
2020-09-10SES-MOD-INTR2020-02537 Lafayette City Parish Consolidated GovernmentE180634 Internet Not Processed
2020-09-10SES-MOD-INTR2020-02538 Western WI. Comm. LLCE181755 Internet Not Processed
2020-09-10SES-MOD-20200910-00980 Lafayette City Parish Consolidated GovernmentE180634 System Entry
2020-09-09SES-MOD-20190515-00657 DIRECTV Enterprises, LLCE090068 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-09-09SES-MOD-20181016-06358 Spectrum Pacific West, LLCKF76 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-09-09SES-MOD-20181016-06373 Spectrum Pacific West, LLCE900491 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-09-09SES-MOD-20181016-06377 Spectrum Southeast, LLCE930296 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-09-09SES-MOD-20181016-06378 Spectrum Pacific West, LLCE980463 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-09-09SES-MOD-20181016-06383 Spectrum Pacific West, LLCE910621 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-09-09SES-MOD-20181016-06400 Spectrum Mid-America, LLCWQ55 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-09-09SES-MOD-20181016-06417 Spectrum Mid-America, LLCWG96 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-09-09SES-MOD-20181016-06540 Spectrum Pacific West, LLCE020286 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-09-09SES-MOD-20200730-00809 ISAT US Inc.E140029 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2020-09-09SES-MOD-20200717-00820 Fox Broadcasting CompanyE000537 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-09-09SES-MOD-20200717-00821 Fox Broadcasting CompanyE000503 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-09-09SES-MOD-20200717-00822 Thumb Broadcasting IncE181574 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-09-09SES-MOD-20200901-00944 Cumulus Licensing LLCE190464 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-09-09SES-MOD-20200901-00945 Gray Television Licensee, LLCE180571 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-09-09SES-MOD-20200902-00964 Global Eagle Telecom Licensing Subsidiary LLCE190072 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-09-09SES-MOD-20200904-00969 Video Voice, Inc.E180161 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-09-09SES-MOD-20200904-00970 Caballero Acquisition LLCE191094 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-09-08SES-MOD-20200904-00974 Terre Haute TV License Company, LLCE190200 System Entry
2020-09-08SES-MOD-20200904-00975 California TV License Company, LLCE859863 System Entry
2020-09-04SES-MOD-INTR2020-02473 Caballero Acquisition LLCE191094 Filed - payment received
2020-09-04SES-MOD-INTR2020-02477 Video Voice, Inc.E180161 Filed - payment received
2020-09-04SES-MOD-INTR2020-02481 California TV License Company, LLCE859863 Filed - payment received
2020-09-04SES-MOD-INTR2020-02482 Terre Haute TV License Company, LLCE190200 Filed - payment received
2020-09-03SES-MOD-INTR2020-02453 Global Eagle Telecom Licensing Subsidiary LLCE190072 Filed - payment received
2020-09-02SES-MOD-20171002-01082 Global Eagle Telecom Licensing Subsidiary LLCE990439 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-09-02SES-MOD-20171002-01085 Global Eagle Telecom Licensing Subsidiary LLCE990328 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-09-02SES-MOD-20200413-00404 ATLAS Space Operations, IncE190037 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-09-02SES-MOD-20200824-00906 STARPOWER COMMUNICATIONS LLC DBA RCNE990279 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-09-02SES-MOD-20200826-00928 GRIFFIN LICENSING, L.L.C.E181595 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-09-02SES-MOD-20200828-00937 CITY OF WYANDOTTE DEPT. OF MUNICIPAL SERVICEE201751 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-09-01SES-MOD-INTR2020-02065 Cumulus Licensing LLCE190464 Filed - payment received
2020-09-01SES-MOD-INTR2020-02431 Gray Television Licensee, LLCE180571 Filed - payment received
2020-08-31SES-MOD-INTR2020-02405 ATLAS Space Operations, IncE190037 Filed - payment received
2020-08-31SES-MOD-20200831-00940 ATLAS Space Operations, IncE190037 System Entry
2020-08-28SES-MOD-INTR2020-02367 Spire Global, Inc.E160033 Filed - payment received
2020-08-28SES-MOD-INTR2020-02379 CITY OF WYANDOTTE DEPT. OF MUNICIPAL SERVICEE201751 Internet Not Processed
2020-08-28SES-MOD-20200828-00938 Spire Global, Inc.E160033 System Entry
2020-08-27SES-MOD-INTR2020-02344 GRIFFIN LICENSING, L.L.C.E181595 Filed - payment received
2020-08-26SES-MOD-20171002-01081 Global Eagle Telecom Licensing Subsidiary LLCKA434 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-08-26SES-MOD-20151210-00928 Speedcast Communications, Inc., as a debtor-in-possessionE090176 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-08-26SES-MOD-20181031-03802 Eternal Word Television Network IncE2718 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-08-26SES-MOD-20181210-03841 Oklahoma Educational Television AuthorityE920470 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-08-26SES-MOD-20181010-03903 South Carolina Educational Television CommissionE890979 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-08-26SES-MOD-20181031-03908 Eternal Word Television Network IncE100066 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-08-26SES-MOD-20190923-01186 Denali 20020, LLCE060416 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2020-08-26SES-MOD-20181016-06276 Spectrum Mid-America, LLCE9046 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-08-26SES-MOD-20181016-06283 Spectrum Pacific West, LLCWF58 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-08-26SES-MOD-20181016-06342 Spectrum Pacific West, LLCE030157 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-08-26SES-MOD-20181016-06360 Spectrum Pacific West, LLCWK25 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-08-26SES-MOD-20200605-00595 ISAT US Inc.E140114 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-08-26SES-MOD-20200818-00888 Thales Avionics, Inc.E170068 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2020-08-26SES-MOD-20200825-00921 SES Americom, Inc.E980076 System Entry
2020-08-25SES-MOD-INTR2020-02311 SES Americom, Inc.E980076 Filed - payment received
2020-08-25SES-MOD-INTR2020-02318 L3 IECE020160 Internet Not Processed
2020-08-25SES-MOD-INTR2020-02319 L3 IECE060133 Internet Not Processed
2020-08-24SES-MOD-INTR2020-02300 STARPOWER COMMUNICATIONS LLC DBA RCNE990279 Filed - payment received
2020-08-19SES-MOD-20181210-03824 Oklahoma Educational Television AuthorityE090159 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-08-19SES-MOD-20190507-00573 Production & Satellite Services, Inc.E040041 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2020-08-19SES-MOD-20190522-00656 Univision Network Limited PartnershipE080081 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2020-08-19SES-MOD-20181011-04291 Gray Television Licensee, LLCE181297 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-08-19SES-MOD-20190924-01205 Gray Television Licensee, LLCE8290 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2020-08-19SES-MOD-20191127-01550 CBS Broadcasting Inc.E950004 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2020-08-19SES-MOD-20181012-05489 WTVC Licensee, LLCE180823 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-08-19SES-MOD-20181016-06223 Spectrum Mid-America, LLCE180719 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-08-19SES-MOD-20181016-06225 Spectrum Mid-America, LLCE050162 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-08-19SES-MOD-20181016-06260 Spectrum Pacific West, LLCKM39 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-08-19SES-MOD-20181016-06263 Spectrum Mid-America, LLCE090122 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-08-19SES-MOD-20181016-06271 Spectrum Gulf Coast, LLCE4191 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-08-19SES-MOD-20200729-00808 Scripps Broadcasting Holdings LLCE910112 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2020-08-18SES-MOD-INTR2020-02256 Thales Avionics, Inc.E170068 Internet Not Processed
2020-08-17SES-MOD-20200804-00817 Thales Avionics, Inc.E170068 Action Complete
2020-08-17SES-MOD-INTR2020-02236 Meredith Corporation - WNEME950441 Filed - payment received
2020-08-17SES-MOD-20200817-00884 Meredith Corporation - WNEME950441 System Entry
2020-08-13SES-MOD-20181016-06267 Spectrum Pacific West, LLCWM71 Administrative Correction
2020-08-12SES-MOD-20181030-03762 GCI Communication Corp.E020133 Action Taken Public Notice

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