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Applications for Satellite Earth Station licenses or registration (Part 25) Modification to a current license, authorization or accounting rate

Latest Satellite Earth Station : Modification Filings by Status Update

Last UpdateFile NumberApplicantCallsignStatus
2023-02-01SES-MOD-20180628-01620 Comcast of Georgia/Illinois/Michigan, LLCE3696 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-02-01SES-MOD-20180809-02785 Comcast Cable Communications Management, LLCE180512 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-02-01SES-MOD-20210208-00271 Comcast Cable Communications Management, LLCE181719 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-02-01SES-MOD-20210208-00272 Comcast Cable Communications Management, LLCE181895 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-02-01SES-MOD-20220930-01051 Alascom, Inc.E5423 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2023-02-01SES-MOD-20220930-01053 Alascom, Inc.E2194 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2023-02-01SES-MOD-20221221-01443 SpaceX Services, Inc.E190648 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2023-02-01SES-MOD-20221221-01448 SpaceX Services, Inc.E210050 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2023-02-01SES-MOD-20221221-01449 SpaceX Services, Inc.E202152 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2023-02-01SES-MOD-20221221-01452 SpaceX Services, Inc.E202114 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2023-02-01SES-MOD-20221221-01453 SpaceX Services, Inc.E210043 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2023-02-01SES-MOD-20221221-01456 SpaceX Services, Inc.E210102 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2023-02-01SES-MOD-20221222-01463 SpaceX Services, Inc.E210059 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2023-02-01SES-MOD-20221222-01473 SpaceX Services, Inc.E202202 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2023-02-01SES-MOD-20221222-01477 SpaceX Services, Inc.E202115 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2023-02-01SES-MOD-20221222-01485 SpaceX Services, Inc.E202151 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2023-02-01SES-MOD-20221222-01486 SpaceX Services, Inc.E202111 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2023-02-01SES-MOD-20221221-01427 SpaceX Services, Inc.E202116 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2023-02-01SES-MOD-20221222-01483 SpaceX Services, Inc.E210060 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2023-01-31SES-MOD-20191016-01321 KVH Industries, Inc.E130227 Unblocked
2023-01-31SES-MOD-20191016-01322 KVH Industries, Inc.E120107 Unblocked
2023-01-31SES-MOD-20211027-01750 DataPath, Inc.E080209 Unblocked
2023-01-30SES-MOD-INTR2023-00332 BFI Licenses, LLCE940299 Internet Not Processed
2023-01-30SES-MOD-INTR2023-00334 BFI Licenses, LLCE940300 Internet Not Processed
2023-01-30SES-MOD-INTR2023-00335 BFI Licenses, LLCE4394 Internet Not Processed
2023-01-25SES-MOD-20221027-01169 Alascom, Inc.E2196 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-01-25SES-MOD-20221027-01165 Alascom, Inc.E2245 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-01-25SES-MOD-20221027-01166 Alascom, Inc.E2243 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-01-25SES-MOD-20221122-01276 Arctic Slope Telephone Association Cooperative, Inc.E220084 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-01-25SES-MOD-20230109-00015 Astro Digital US, Inc.E200948 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-01-24SES-MOD-INTR2022-04080 SES Americom, Inc.E170143 Filed - payment received
2023-01-24SES-MOD-20230123-00082 SES Americom, Inc.E170143 System Entry
2023-01-11SES-MOD-20211216-01909 SpaceX Services, Inc.E210127 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2023-01-11SES-MOD-20220331-00354 O3b LimitedE140101 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-01-11SES-MOD-20221114-01256 Alascom, Inc.KE43 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-01-11SES-MOD-20221222-01484 SpaceX Services, Inc.E202007 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2023-01-11SES-MOD-20221221-01441 SpaceX Services, Inc.E201995 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2023-01-11SES-MOD-20221221-01442 SpaceX Services, Inc.E202175 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2023-01-11SES-MOD-20221221-01444 SpaceX Services, Inc.E201370 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2023-01-11SES-MOD-20221221-01445 SpaceX Services, Inc.E210298 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2023-01-11SES-MOD-20221221-01446 SpaceX Services, Inc.E210090 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2023-01-11SES-MOD-20221221-01447 SpaceX Services, Inc.E210421 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2023-01-11SES-MOD-20221221-01450 SpaceX Services, Inc.E202201 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2023-01-11SES-MOD-20221221-01451 SpaceX Services, Inc.E190724 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2023-01-11SES-MOD-20221221-01454 SpaceX Services, Inc.E200453 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2023-01-11SES-MOD-20221221-01455 SpaceX Services, Inc.E202127 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2023-01-11SES-MOD-20221221-01458 SpaceX Services, Inc.E210002 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2023-01-11SES-MOD-20221222-01461 SpaceX Services, Inc.E202179 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2023-01-11SES-MOD-20221222-01462 SpaceX Services, Inc.E202144 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2023-01-11SES-MOD-20221222-01464 SpaceX Services, Inc.E202178 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2023-01-11SES-MOD-20221222-01465 SpaceX Services, Inc.E201990 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2023-01-11SES-MOD-20221222-01466 SpaceX Services, Inc.E201414 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2023-01-11SES-MOD-20221222-01467 SpaceX Services, Inc.E190725 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2023-01-11SES-MOD-20221222-01468 SpaceX Services, Inc.E201763 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2023-01-11SES-MOD-20221222-01469 SpaceX Services, Inc.E210114 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2023-01-11SES-MOD-20221222-01470 SpaceX Services, Inc.E201371 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2023-01-11SES-MOD-20221222-01471 SpaceX Services, Inc.E210052 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2023-01-11SES-MOD-20221222-01472 SpaceX Services, Inc.E210105 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2023-01-11SES-MOD-20221222-01487 SpaceX Services, Inc.E201981 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2023-01-11SES-MOD-20221222-01480 SpaceX Services, Inc.E210089 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2023-01-11SES-MOD-20221222-01481 SpaceX Services, Inc.E201989 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2023-01-11SES-MOD-20221222-01482 SpaceX Services, Inc.E201998 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2023-01-10SES-MOD-INTR2022-04305 Anuvu Licensing Holdings LLCE080100 Filed - payment received
2023-01-10SES-MOD-INTR2022-04329 Astro Digital US, Inc.E200948 Filed - payment received
2023-01-10SES-MOD-20221221-01564 Anuvu Licensing Holdings LLCE080100 System Entry
2023-01-06SES-MOD-20221123-01277 Scripps Broadcasting Holdings LLCE190469 Unblocked
2023-01-03SES-MOD-20221222-01488 SpaceX Services, Inc.E202125 System Entry
2022-12-30SES-MOD-20221222-01478 SpaceX Services, Inc.E202176 System Entry
2022-12-29SES-MOD-20220628-00713 KVH Industries, Inc.E090001 Action Complete
2022-12-29SES-MOD-20221221-01457 SpaceX Services, Inc.E210116 System Entry
2022-12-29SES-MOD-20221221-01459 SpaceX Services, Inc.E210049 System Entry
2022-12-29SES-MOD-20221221-01460 SpaceX Services, Inc.E190649 System Entry
2022-12-20SES-MOD-20221107-01197 Scripps Broadcasting Holdings LLCE880108 Action Complete
2022-12-20SES-MOD-INTR2022-04072 ATLAS Space Operations, IncE190253 Filed - payment received
2022-12-20SES-MOD-INTR2022-04161 SpaceX Services, Inc.E210051 Internet Not Processed
2022-12-20SES-MOD-INTR2022-04166 SpaceX Services, Inc.E201193 Internet Not Processed
2022-12-20SES-MOD-INTR2022-04183 SpaceX Services, Inc.E201194 Internet Not Processed
2022-12-20SES-MOD-INTR2022-04188 SpaceX Services, Inc.E201415 Internet Not Processed
2022-12-20SES-MOD-INTR2022-04189 SpaceX Services, Inc.E201369 Internet Not Processed
2022-12-20SES-MOD-INTR2022-04190 SpaceX Services, Inc.E202116 Internet Not Processed
2022-12-20SES-MOD-INTR2022-04191 SpaceX Services, Inc.E201995 Internet Not Processed
2022-12-20SES-MOD-INTR2022-04192 SpaceX Services, Inc.E190648 Internet Not Processed
2022-12-20SES-MOD-INTR2022-04193 SpaceX Services, Inc.E202175 Internet Not Processed
2022-12-20SES-MOD-INTR2022-04194 SpaceX Services, Inc.E210298 Internet Not Processed
2022-12-16SES-MOD-20221216-01364 Swarm Technologies, Inc.E190859 System Entry
2022-12-16SES-MOD-20221216-01365 Swarm Technologies, Inc.E191406 System Entry
2022-12-16SES-MOD-20221216-01367 Swarm Technologies, Inc.E190858 System Entry
2022-12-16SES-MOD-20221216-01370 Swarm Technologies, Inc.E210061 System Entry
2022-12-16SES-MOD-20221216-01363 SpaceX Services, Inc.E210309 System Entry
2022-12-16SES-MOD-20221216-01368 SpaceX Services, Inc.E210310 System Entry
2022-12-16SES-MOD-20221216-01369 SpaceX Services, Inc.E220009 System Entry
2022-12-16SES-MOD-20221216-01371 SpaceX Services, Inc.E190066 System Entry
2022-12-14SES-MOD-20220712-00744 Anuvu Licensing Holdings LLCE080100 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-12-14SES-MOD-20221021-01131 Alascom, Inc.E6216 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-12-14SES-MOD-20221213-01334 HNS License Sub, LLCE170166 System Entry
2022-12-14SES-MOD-20221213-01335 HNS License Sub, LLCE170163 System Entry
2022-12-14SES-MOD-20221213-01337 HNS License Sub, LLCE170169 System Entry
2022-12-14SES-MOD-20221213-01338 HNS License Sub, LLCE170165 System Entry
2022-12-14SES-MOD-20221213-01339 HNS License Sub, LLCE170164 System Entry
2022-12-14SES-MOD-20221213-01340 HNS License Sub, LLCE170153 System Entry
2022-12-13SES-MOD-INTR2022-04052 HNS License Sub, LLCE170166 Filed - payment received
2022-12-13SES-MOD-INTR2022-04053 HNS License Sub, LLCE170163 Filed - payment received
2022-12-13SES-MOD-INTR2022-04054 HNS License Sub, LLCE170169 Filed - payment received
2022-12-13SES-MOD-INTR2022-04055 HNS License Sub, LLCE170165 Filed - payment received
2022-12-13SES-MOD-INTR2022-04056 HNS License Sub, LLCE170164 Filed - payment received
2022-12-13SES-MOD-INTR2022-04057 HNS License Sub, LLCE170153 Filed - payment received
2022-12-12SES-MOD-20221209-01320 RigNet SatCom, Inc.E060317 System Entry
2022-12-12SES-MOD-20221209-01321 RigNet SatCom, Inc.E980235 System Entry
2022-12-09SES-MOD-INTR2022-04036 RigNet SatCom, Inc.E060317 Filed - payment received
2022-12-09SES-MOD-INTR2022-04037 RigNet SatCom, Inc.E980235 Filed - payment received
2022-12-07SES-MOD-20181010-04292 Tribune Broadcasting Company II, LLCE180069 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-12-07SES-MOD-20181010-04293 Tribune Media CompanyE180196 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-12-07SES-MOD-20181010-04296 Tribune Broadcasting Company II, LLCE180067 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-12-07SES-MOD-20181014-05643 Tribune Television New Orleans, Inc.E180168 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-12-07SES-MOD-20220930-01052 Alascom, Inc.E2302 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-12-07SES-MOD-20220930-01054 Alascom, Inc.E2308 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-12-07SES-MOD-20221031-01188 Microsoft Infrastructure Group, LLCE202212 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2022-12-01SES-MOD-20221130-01289 Denali 20020, LLCE100078 System Entry
2022-11-23SES-MOD-20200728-00811 GUSA Licensee LLCE050097 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-11-23SES-MOD-20220803-00833 PSSI Global Services LLCE070095 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-11-23SES-MOD-20221108-01185 Astro Digital US, Inc.E200948 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-11-23SES-MOD-INTR2022-03815 Scripps Broadcasting Holdings LLCE190469 Filed - payment received
2022-11-22SES-MOD-INTR2022-03806 Arctic Slope Telephone Association Cooperative, Inc.E220084 Filed - payment received
2022-11-16SES-MOD-20211007-01693 Altice USA, Inc.E182049 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-11-16SES-MOD-20220822-00904 Scripps Broadcasting Holdings LLCE190157 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-11-16SES-MOD-20221004-01045 New York, State ofE170059 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-11-15SES-MOD-INTR2022-03726 Alascom, Inc.KE43 Filed - payment received
2022-11-15SES-MOD-INTR2022-03729 Astro Digital US, Inc.E200948 Filed - payment received
2022-11-15SES-MOD-INTR2022-03730 Astro Digital US, Inc.E170192 Filed - payment received
2022-11-15SES-MOD-20221114-01257 Astro Digital US, Inc.E170192 System Entry
2022-11-15SES-MOD-20221114-01258 Astro Digital US, Inc.E200948 System Entry
2022-11-09SES-MOD-20180323-00270 RCN License Subsidiary, Inc.E980130 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-11-09SES-MOD-20170627-00685 RCN License Subsidiary, Inc.E000578 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-11-09SES-MOD-20210111-00029 Radiant Life Ministries, Inc.E140112 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-11-09SES-MOD-20220920-00982 Astro Digital US, Inc.E200948 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2022-11-09SES-MOD-20220920-00983 Astro Digital US, Inc.E170192 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2022-11-09SES-MOD-20221025-01151 SpeedCast Communications IncE010082 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2022-11-07SES-MOD-INTR2022-03641 Scripps Broadcasting Holdings LLCE880108 Internet Not Processed
2022-11-02SES-MOD-20120822-00775 MICROSPACE COMMUNICATIONS CORPORATIONE900889 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-11-02SES-MOD-20191002-01250 KVH Industries, Inc.E130226 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-11-02SES-MOD-20200413-00398 Kenneth Copeland MinistriesE160077 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-11-02SES-MOD-20210223-00376 Alascom, Inc.E6216 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-11-02SES-MOD-20210922-01617 SES Americom, Inc.KA318 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-11-02SES-MOD-20220302-00226 Sirius XM Radio Inc.E080185 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-11-02SES-MOD-20220302-00232 Sirius XM Radio Inc.E080168 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-11-02SES-MOD-20220302-00233 Sirius XM Radio Inc.E990291 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-11-02SES-MOD-20220302-00234 XM Radio LLCE040204 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-10-31SES-MOD-INTR2022-03565 Microsoft Infrastructure Group, LLCE202212 Internet Not Processed
2022-10-28SES-MOD-20220707-00738 Marlink-ITC, Inc.WB36 Unblocked
2022-10-27SES-MOD-INTR2022-03532 Astro Digital US, Inc.E200948 Internet Not Processed

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