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Applications for Satellite Earth Station licenses or registration (Part 25)

Latest Satellite Earth Station : Database Entry MOD Filings by Status Update

Last UpdateFile NumberApplicantCallsignStatus
2019-11-13SES-DBM-20190311-00483 Federal Aviation AdministrationE050300 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-11-13SES-DBM-20190311-00484 Federal Aviation AdministrationE050299 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-11-13SES-DBM-20190403-00482 Federal Aviation AdministrationE960362 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-11-13SES-DBM-20190906-01276 Federal Aviation AdministrationE050298 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2019-11-13SES-DBM-20191009-01318 Federal Aviation AdministrationE960351 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2019-10-09SES-DBM-INTR2019-03513 Federal Aviation AdministrationE960351 Internet Not Processed
2019-09-06SES-DBM-INTR2019-03196 Federal Aviation AdministrationE050298 Internet Not Processed
2019-07-24SES-DBM-20190311-00485 Federal Aviation AdministrationE960352 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2019-04-03SES-DBM-INTR2019-00975 Federal Aviation AdministrationE960362 Internet Not Processed
2019-03-11SES-DBM-INTR2019-00696 Federal Aviation AdministrationE050299 Internet Not Processed
2019-03-11SES-DBM-INTR2019-00698 Federal Aviation AdministrationE050300 Internet Not Processed
2019-03-11SES-DBM-INTR2019-00699 Federal Aviation AdministrationE960352 Internet Not Processed
2017-12-06SES-DBM-20170919-01038 Federal Aviation AdministrationE050312 Action Taken Public Notice
2017-11-15SES-DBM-20171012-01142 Federal Aviation AdministrationE050312 Action Complete
2017-10-18SES-DBM-20170901-00973 Federal Aviation AdministrationE960365 Action Taken Public Notice
2017-07-05SES-DBM-20170428-00490 Federal Aviation AdministrationE969343 Action Taken Public Notice
2017-06-07SES-DBM-20170317-00313 Federal Aviation AdministrationE960345 Action Taken Public Notice
2017-01-18SES-DBM-20161116-00892 Federal Aviation AdministrationE960347 Action Taken Public Notice
2016-11-08SES-DBM-INTR2016-02427 Federal Aviation AdministrationE050302 Action Complete
2016-08-17SES-DBM-20160502-00385 Federal Aviation AdministrationE050295 Action Taken Public Notice
2016-08-03SES-DBM-20160502-00384 Federal Aviation AdministrationE050306 Action Taken Public Notice
2015-08-12SES-DBM-20150522-00309 Federal Aviation AdministrationE960333 Action Taken Public Notice

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