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International Telecommunications Certificate (Part 63) (Sec. 214) Amendment to a pending application

Latest International Telecommunications : Amended Filing Filings by Status Update

Last UpdateFile NumberApplicantCallsignStatus
2023-06-09ITC-AMD-20230609-00070 Innercity Fibernet LLC Filed - awaiting fee verification
2023-04-13ITC-AMD-20230320-00040 FiberLight LLC Action Taken Public Notice
2022-10-13ITC-AMD-20220907-00109 NGX Tech Solutions, LLC Action Taken Public Notice
2022-05-24ITC-AMD-20220418-00052 Gold Telecom, Inc. Action Complete
2022-01-10ITC-AMD-20220109-00001 Connecta Satellite Solutions, LLC Action Complete
2021-05-13ITC-AMD-20210412-00067 Veracity Networks, LLC Action Taken Public Notice
2020-12-10ITC-AMD-20180209-00030 Liberty Cablevision of Puerto Rico, LLC Action Taken Public Notice
2020-12-09ITC-AMD-20180709-00125 Liberty Cablevision of Puerto Rico, LLC Action Complete
2020-11-16ITC-AMD-20201113-00189 Zultys, Inc. Action Complete
2020-10-29ITC-AMD-20170918-00154 Snail Mobile LLC Action Taken Public Notice
2020-10-29ITC-AMD-20170302-00026 Snail Mobile LLC Action Taken Public Notice
2018-01-16ITC-AMD-20171010-00164 QSR Group LLC Action Complete
2017-12-21ITC-AMD-20170111-00003 Lexitel Worldwide Telesync Solutions Corporation Action Taken Public Notice
2016-11-10ITC-AMD-20160708-00182 Mahaska Communication Group LLC Action Complete
2016-08-17ITC-AMD-20160226-00109 Tbass, LLC Action Complete
2016-07-26ITC-AMD-20151130-00279 TELECOM XCHANGE Action Complete
2016-01-08ITC-AMD-20160108-00004 SKILLNET TELECOM SERVICE CORP Action Complete
2015-02-05ITC-AMD-20150130-00020 China Mobile International (USA) Inc. Action Complete
2014-08-14ITC-AMD-20140703-00192 Salish Networks, Inc Action Complete
2014-05-09ITC-AMD-20140415-00124 Wide Voice, LLC Action Complete
2013-09-25ITC-AMD-20130924-00261 CircleNet Action Complete
2013-06-11ITC-AMD-20130305-00065 JEAPING NETCOM, INC. Action Complete
2013-03-15ITC-AMD-20130314-00073 Advanced Voice Technologies LLC Action Complete
2012-05-15ITC-AMD-20120508-00124 BFT Telecom, LLC Action Complete
2012-05-15ITC-AMD-20120409-00089 TI Sparkle North America, Inc. Action Complete
2011-08-04ITC-AMD-20110725-00207 Telecom Argentina USA, Inc. Action Complete
2011-05-19ITC-AMD-20110427-00113 SOFTLYSIS INC Action Taken Public Notice
2011-03-08ITC-AMD-20110228-00050 Telax Voice Solutions, Inc. Action Complete
2010-09-30ITC-AMD-20100929-00388 Telmate, LLC Action Complete
2010-08-20ITC-AMD-20100804-00319 UTWT, Inc. Action Complete
2010-07-01ITC-AMD-20100524-00206 dishNET Wireline L.L.C. Action Taken Public Notice
2010-06-24ITC-AMD-20100105-00002 Tulip Telecom Inc. Action Complete
2010-04-27ITC-AMD-20100322-00100 American Samoa License, Inc. Action Complete
2010-03-11ITC-AMD-20090102-00001 Comsat, Inc. Action Taken Public Notice
2010-03-11ITC-AMD-20090102-00002 VIZADA Services LLC Action Taken Public Notice
2010-03-11ITC-AMD-20060804-00388 VIZADA Services LLC Action Taken Public Notice
2010-03-10ITC-AMD-20100201-00072 FTTH Communications Filed - fee not required
2009-12-24ITC-AMD-20091202-00508 TRINITY COMMUNICATIONS LTD Action Taken Public Notice
2009-10-29ITC-AMD-20060526-00294 THRANE & THRANE AIRTIME LTD. Action Taken Public Notice
2009-07-16ITC-AMD-20081111-00489 Color Valley, Inc. Action Taken Public Notice
2009-06-18ITC-AMD-20081231-00553 WX Communications Ltd. Action Taken Public Notice
1998-11-20ITC-AMD-19981102-00770 RCN TELECOM SERVICES, INC. Action Complete
1995-07-05ITC-AMD-19920608-00024 MCI WORLDCOM NETWORK SERVICES, INC. Action Complete

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