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Requests for assignment of a data network identification code (Part 64) New application -- use only for the 325, DNC, FCN and ROA subsystems

Latest Data Network Code : New Application Filings by Status Update

Last UpdateFile NumberApplicantCallsignStatus
2022-09-22DNC-NEW-INTR2022-03005 E-MARCONI LLC Internet Not Processed
2019-08-22DNC-NEW-20190408-00001 MARCUS TYRONE TRAVENIA Action Complete
2019-04-08DNC-NEW-INTR2019-01037 MARCUS TYRONE TRAVENIA Internet Not Processed
2018-09-19DNC-NEW-20180904-00003 Sky Earth Communications Action Complete
2018-09-04DNC-NEW-INTR2018-05362 Sky Earth Communications Internet Not Processed
2018-07-11DNC-NEW-20180415-00001 Sky Earth Network Action Complete
2018-07-11DNC-NEW-20180415-00002 Sky Earth Communications Action Complete
2018-04-30DNC-NEW-20171026-00006 ifast Action Complete
2018-04-13DNC-NEW-20171027-00005 Michelle Grace Action Complete
2018-02-14DNC-NEW-20140731-00001 Shashamane Ethiopia Federal Agents Association Action Complete
2017-10-13DNC-NEW-20170824-00004 SPRITE Action Complete
2017-08-09DNC-NEW-20170216-00001 marie davis Action Complete
2017-08-01DNC-NEW-20170327-00003 NIELLO BMW Action Complete
2017-08-01DNC-NEW-20170225-00002 Apple computer Incorporated Action Complete
2016-11-12DNC-NEW-20160808-00001 MARCUS TYRONE TRAVENIA Action Complete
2014-03-20DNC-NEW-20120821-00001 KONNECT, LLC Action Complete
2009-07-24DNC-NEW-INTR2009-02068 ILLINOIS LOTTERY, Internet Not Processed
2009-07-24DNC-NEW-INTR2009-02077 BRAIN BRAIN Internet Not Processed
2008-12-18DNC-NEW-20081116-00001 WiFi Rail, Inc. Action Complete
2003-11-21DNC-NEW-20031031-00002 Cable & Wireless USA, Inc., Debtor-in-Possession Action Complete
2003-10-16DNC-NEW-20030626-00001 Telefonica Data USA Action Complete
2002-09-19DNC-NEW-20020827-00004 Tenzing Communications Inc, Action Complete
2002-07-30DNC-NEW-20020711-00003 WorldCom, Inc. Action Complete
2002-06-28DNC-NEW-20020330-00002 CARLOS D SUAREZ ROMERO Action Complete
2002-06-25DNC-NEW-20020326-00001 BT Americas Inc. Action Complete
1999-05-07DNC-NEW-19990408-00002 PUERTO RICO TELEPHONE COMPANY, INC Action Complete
1999-04-06DNC-NEW-19990219-00001 CONCERT GLOBAL NETWORKS (USA) INC. Action Complete
1998-12-02DNC-NEW-19981030-00001 GTE COMMUNICATIONS CORPORATION Action Complete

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