Federal Communications Commission

Official Receipt of Withdrawal of Application
Withdrawal ID WTH2021091190851386
Withdrawal Date 09/11/2021 09:08:51:386 AM
FRN 0019364603
File Number SES-STA-20210428-00743
Applicant Name ISAT US Inc.
IB Submission ID IB2021001729
Callsign E140114
Description of Application ISAT US Inc. seeks STA for 30 days to allow for static testing of one unit of the ThinKom Ka2517 antenna type as described in Attachment 1.
Filed on 04/28/2021 03:53:20:466 PM
Date of Public Notice
As requested by Brennan T. Price - Director, Regulatory Affairs
(Name and Title of company official)
As requested by the above entity, the referenced application has been withdrawn. The application is not a GSO-like license application and is therefore not eligible for an application fee refund pursuant to Section 1.1113(d) of the Rules.