Federal Communications Commission

Official Receipt of Withdrawal of Application
Withdrawal ID WTH20211109145554206
Withdrawal Date 11/09/2021 02:55:54:206 PM
FRN 0028553626
File Number SES-STA-20191009-01333
Applicant Name EchoStar BSS Corporation
IB Submission ID IB2019003525
Callsign E070014
Description of Application Seeking renewal of 60-day special temporary authority to operate earth station for TT&C and feeder link communications with the EchoStar 23 satellite during its relocation to, and operations at, 72.6 W.L. See Exhibit 1.
Filed on 10/09/2019 05:40:44:166 PM
Date of Public Notice
As requested by Alison Minea - Vice President
(Name and Title of company official)
As requested by the above entity, the referenced application has been withdrawn. The application is not a GSO-like license application and is therefore not eligible for an application fee refund pursuant to Section 1.1113(d) of the Rules.