Federal Communications Commission

Official Receipt of Withdrawal of Application
Withdrawal ID WTH20200403151020686
Withdrawal Date 04/03/2020 03:10:20:686 PM
FRN 0014830616
File Number SES-AFS-20200102-00001
Applicant Name AC BidCo LLC
IB Submission ID IB2020000009
Callsign E120106
Description of Application AC BidCo LLC requests addition of satellites for ESAA operations under its existing license, E120106. See attached narrative.
Filed on 01/02/2020 08:58:21:506 PM
Date of Public Notice
As requested by Karis A Hastings - Counsel for AC BidCo LLC
(Name and Title of company official)
As requested by the above entity, the referenced application has been withdrawn. The application is not a GSO-like license application and is therefore not eligible for an application fee refund pursuant to Section 1.1113(d) of the Rules.