Federal Communications Commission

Official Receipt of Withdrawal of Application
Withdrawal ID WTH20160928115817900
Withdrawal Date 09/28/2016 11:58:17:900 AM
FRN 0020538120
File Number SES-AFS-20160914-00780
Applicant Name Intelsat License LLC
IB Submission ID IB2016002052
Callsign E140121
Description of Application Intelsat License LLC herein requests an amendment to its pending application to modify its authorization for Hagerstown,Maryland earth station E140121 to add emissions and the 13750−14000 MHz band for restoration services.
Filed on 09/14/2016 10:06:24:186 AM
Date of Public Notice
As requested by Cynthia J. Grady - Regulatory Counsel, Intelsat Corporation
(Name and Title of company official)
As requested by the above entity, the referenced application has been withdrawn. The application is not a GSO-like license application and is therefore not eligible for an application fee refund pursuant to Section 1.1113(d) of the Rules.