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In 1995,Mr. Raile transferred his controlling stock (85.68%) to his revocable trust, of which he was (and remains) trustee. This was prior to the application for international authority of BWTelcom. It appears that that application was not clear that the reference to Mr. Raile as the only more than 10% owner was to his capacity as trustee of the revocable trust. Subsequent reorganization of the company in 2009 created voting and non-voting shares. Mr. Raile continued to own a majority (and controlling) of each type of stock. The further reorganization in 2012 is described in the Answer to Question 13 in Attachment 1 to the current Notice. Loretta M. Raile is Mr. Railes spouse. As indicated, on December 31, 2012, she received 353 non-voting shares from the Randall J. Raile Revocable Trust. She immediately transferred those shares to the Kacey L. Raile Harper Revocable Trust. Please contact me if you need any further information. 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