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The Application and Pro Forma Attachment FCC provided a complete recitation of the facts leading to the submission of the Application. Vivint asks that the Application and the attachment thereto be incorporated herein by reference. In summary, Vivint Inc. received the 214 license in July of 2014. Vivint Wireless, Inc. was formed subsequently and business models necessitated using Vivint Wireless as the entity to sell the International phone services over a VoIP platform. As such, Vivint Inc. is requesting a pro forma transfer of the license to Vivint Wireless with no change in ownership occurring. All ownership information can be found in the Pro Forma Attachment FCC. Furthermore, Vivint Wireless, Inc. (Assignee) is requesting the notice of consummation be waived since Vivint, Inc. (Assignor) are both commonly owned. The public interest would be served by acceptance of this notification and grant of this waiver request so that the Licensee can operate the communications facilities associated with the Licenses. Should there be any questions regarding this request, the FCC is asked to contact consultant for Vivint, Samantha Maqueo c/o GSAssociates at 678-786-4200 or samantha@gsaudits.com.  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