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Exhibit 2 – FCC authorization letter

      ERICcsson Z

                                                                                                     Page    1 (1)
Aftending to this matter, name, telephone                                              Our Reference
BNEW DNEW RA QRM, Thomas Wahiman, +46 10 7121108                                      1/0133—600/FEA2926603/14 Uen

                                     FCC authorization letter
               I, the undersigned, hereby entrust

               Lars Wallin                                                       David Bolzon
               Linda Grell                                                       Denis Lalonde
               Bertil Johansson                                                  Ericsson Canada INC
               Ericsson AB                                                       BNEW DNEW
               BNEW DNEW                                                         PDU Radio
               PDU Radio                                                         349 Terry Fox Drive
               Torshamnsgatan 23                                                 Ottawa, K2K 2V 6 Canada
               SE—164 80 Stockholm, Sweden

               Mihai Simon                                                      Xiaoying Jiang
               Ericsson AB                                                      Hua Yang
               BNEW DNEW                                                        Wei Qun Chen
               PDU Radio                                                        Ericsson (China) Communications Co.Ltd.
               Lindholmspiren 11                                                BNEW DNEW
               SE—417 56 Gothenburg, Sweden                                     PDU Radio
                                                                                No.5 Lize East Street, Chaoyang District
                                                                                 100 102 Beijing, China

               to act as my representatives in the following:
               To make the necessary applications for FCC equipment certifications.


               Igor Tasevski

               Head PDU Radio
               Ericsson AB
               Torshamnsgatan 23
               SE—164 80 Stockholm, Sweden

     Ericsson AB
     Mail                   Office address          Telephone                               V.A.T. No. SES56056625801
     SE—164 80 Stockholm    Torshamnsgatan 23       Nat 010 — 719 00 00                     Reg. No: 556056—6258
     SWEDEN                 KISTA                   Int + 46 10 719 00 00

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