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                                                                                                                                           Report No: E2/2019/10099
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                                                             RF EXPOSURE REPORT
       Applicant:                                             Leltek Inc.
                                                              6F—3.,N0.293,Sec.1,Beixin Rd.,Xindian Dist., New Taipei City
       Product Name:                                          LELTEK Ultrasound Imaging System

       Brand Name:                                            LELTEK
       Model No.:                                             LU7OOC, LU7ZOOL
       Model Difference:                                      Difference in power consumption, ultrasonic probe frequency
                                                              bandwidth and appearance
       Report Number:                                         E2/2019/10099
       FCC ID                                                 2ASEA—LU7O0
       FCC Rule Part                                          Part 2.1093
       Issue Date:                                            Apr. 24, 2019
       Date of Test:                                          Mar. 07, 2019 ~ Mar. 16, 2019
       Date of EUT Received:                                  Mar. 07, 2019
       We hereby certify that:
       The above equipment was tested by SGS Taiwan Ltd. The test data, data evaluation in this report
       is in compliance with FCC Rules Part 2.
       The test results of this report relate only to the tested sample identified in this report.

                                               %ev\y CV‘W/
           Tested By:
                                              Henry Chiang / Engineer

                                                                                                                                                                      Treting Inborstory
        Approved By:
                                             Yeh John / Asst. Manager

Unless otherwise stated the results shown in this test reportrefer only o the sample(s) ested and such sample(s) are retained for 90 days only.
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This document is issued by the Company subject to its General Gonditons of Service printed overleaf, available on request or accessible at ww.sas.comferms_and conditons.him and, for
electronic format documents, subject to Terms and Conditons for Electronic Documents at warw.sgs.comferms e—documenthtm, Attention is drawn to the Imiftionof abiity,
indemnification and jurisdiction issues defined therein. Any holder ofthis document is advised thatinformation contained hereonreflects the Company‘s fndings at the time oftsintervention
only and within the Imits of Clents instructions, if any. The Company‘s sole responsibiity is to ts Client and this document does not exonerate partles to a transaction from exercising all their
rights and obligations underthe transacton documents. This document cannot be reproduced exceptin ful, without prior writen approval of e Company. Any unauthorized alteration, forgery
orfalsifcation of the content or appearance of this document is unlwful and offenders may be prosecuted to the fulest extent ofthe law.
                                           §GS Talwan Lid. (No.134WuKungRoad,NowTaipailndustrialPork, WukuBistric NawTaipe OyTaiwan24803/2J it 2.& Afsh at. tA k x 2
 134 &
                           6 00ttenie#1—t9ktk MA @1            1(gae—2) 2200—s279                     1 (s86—2) 22ce—088                      wwwiw.sgs.com
                                                                                                                                              Member of S&S Group


               Revision History
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                                                                                                                      Report No: E2/2019/10099
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The table of quick reference in terms of power threshold
                                    SAR Test Exclusion Thresholds for 100 MHz — 6 GHz and < 50 mm
                    Approximate SAR Test ExclusionPower Thresholds at Selected Frequencies and Test Separation
                    Distances are illustratedin the following Table:
                        150               so              m
                        300               27              ss
                        4so               2               45
                                          16              33
                                          16              32
                                          12              m                                                              SAR Test
                                          it              &                                                           Threshold (mW)
                                          10              19
                                          8               16
                                          7               13
                                          6               13
                                          6               12

Note that the table present above is the table of quick reference, indexing the level of power
threshold with respect to the corresponding frequency. The value of the index may be deviated,
and therefore, the derivation of exemption based on KDB447498 DO1 is used in this test report,

Unless othenmisestated the resuts houin h testrepor refer anly o he sample) tstad and such camplee) re retained for 20 days only
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Ts docurment is issued by the Gompany ibject to s General Condtons of Serice prited ovefea, aalable on request or accessblat wirw s comems and condtions him and, or
electronformat decurmerts, ubjectto Tarme and Condonsfor Eleatonic Decumentsat waw sas comheims. e.docipment hi. Atertoieciawin o h Imfatin o faait;
inderintieatonanjuredieton esurs dained thereAny holder o ths dortent is acved that nform aton conaines herean afeets the Compans frcings atthe tme of ts Iterventen
enly and witin he mits of lents nstuctons,!f an. The Compan‘s solereeponshib sto ts Clent and ts document dors not exonerate patas to a tansactiorom exercing al tir
ts and ablations underthe ransacton decumment. This documentannatbe reproduced exeptin Al, wiout pror writen approvalf the Company Any Unauthaized ateraton, orgary
atfalsteaton ol the cortentarappearance o ths dociment is inlawt and aferdets may beprosecitedto the fulet exent ofth w
                                       $0S Talvan Lit. Ne 194WURungFlowNewTapelndustiaarkWkiDitretNewTeOtyTawan2000t 2 t2 18@ 95 2st# M C 5.2 it
                          6 nbtdmlae it (me—2) 2eo9—s079                                   1 (see—2) 22s8—0s00                wintwsgs.com
                                                                                                                              Nember or 808 Grawp

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