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Users Manual

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iTrainer dog training collar iT728 1 for 1

     ①    Charger
     ②    USB Cable
     ③    Contact Points
     ④    Test Bulb
     ⑤     Receiver Collar
     ⑥     Remote Transmitter
     ⑦    Adjustable Belt

iTrainer dog training collar iT728     1 for   2

    2.USB Cable
    3.Contact Points
    4.Test Bulb
    5.Receiver Collar
    6.Remote Transmitter
    7.Adjustable Belt

Key Definition

2.Led light
3.LED Indicator
4.1/2 Dog Channels(Channels for 1 or 2 dog)
5. Light Button
6.1 dog mode LED indicator
7.2 dog mode LED indicator

8.1-7 levels correction

      9. Beep Button

     10.Vibration Button

      11. Shock Button
12.Charging hole

1.Antenna:Transmit the signal to receiver collar
2.Led light: This light will be on/off when press LED light button for 3 seconds.
3.LED Indicator:When charging,the light will flash and will be on still after fully charged.Press
any button,the light will flash to indicate the transmitter is working.
4.1/2 Dog Mode button:Press the 1/2 button for the first time,the left blue light is on to indicate
that it is in 1 dog mode.Press the button again,the right blue light is on to indicate that it is in 2 dog
mode.Press the button for the third time,both of the blue lights are on to indicate that it is in
working mode for two dogs.
5. Light Button:Press this button for 3 seconds to turn on/off the LED light.
6. 1 dog mode LED indicator: When it is on,it indicates the transmitter is controlling the first
receiver collar.
7. 2 dog mode LED indicator:When it is on,it indicates the transmitter is controlling the second
receiver collar.
8. 1-7 levels correction.From 1 to 7 levels,the intensity range from the weakest to the strongest.

1.Contact Points:
2.Rubber Cover
3.Charging holes
4.On/Off Button
5.LED Red Indicator
6.LED Blue Indicator
Contact Points: Deliver the safe shock correction
Charging holes: Charge for receiver collar
Rubber Cover:seal charging hole to keep from dust.
On/Off Button: Press the button for 3 seconds to turn on/off the receiver collar.
LED Red Indicator: When the receiver is connected to the outlet,charging,the Red Indicator shows
up to indicate the charging status.When the receiver is turned on,the Red light flash 2 times one
second to indicator it is in low power.While the Red light shows up to indicator the encoding
status.After encoding completed,the Red light flash two times and turn off.

LED Blue Indicator: When the receiver is fully charged,the Blue Indicator shows up.After the

encoding completed,the Blue flash every 10 seconds.

1.LED Indicator.
2.300m Remote control distance.
3.Waterproof receiver collar.
4.The system can expandable to 2 receiver collar.
5.Rechargeable remote transmitter and receiver collar.
6.1-7 levels adjustable shock vibration and beep by rotating the thumbwheel.
7.Led Light.Turn on/off the light by pressing the light button for 3 seconds.
8.Tone Indicator.
 Press any button of the transmitter,it produces B sound.
 If press the shock button more than 10 seconds,it would produce “BBB” warning sound.
9.Power Saving:
   Both of the transmitter and receiver can be turned off manually.
   The Remote Transmitter will go into Standby Mode if no operation for 2 minutes.
   Press any button will activate the transmitter.
   In Standby Mode,the receiver will flash blue light every 10 seconds.
10.Two pairs of mental prong(short/long) to suit dogs with varied fur thickness.

How the iTrainer Rechargeable and waterproof Remote Dog Training System Works

This dog training system has been proven safe,comfortable,and effective with 550 meters remote
range for all dogs over 8 pounds.It includes the remote transmitter and receiver
collar. The collar is worn on dog’s neck and controlled by the remote transmitter.
Press a button of the remote transmitter,it will send a signal,activating the receiver collar.
The collar can produce adjustable Vibration,discharge shock,BB Tone lighting etc.Using this
training system consistently and correctly,many misbehaviors of your dog’s can be corrected and
any basic obedience commands can be taught.
Note:This training system has a range up to 550m.Depending on the way you hold the remote
transmitter,the range may vary.Hold the remote transmitter in a horizontal position away from
your body to achieve optimum range.Terrain,weather,vegetation,transmission from other radio
devices,and other factors will affect the range of your remote trainer.

Operating Guide
Step 1 Check the battery of the transmitter and receiver
Transmitter : Turn on the remote transmitter by pressing any button..If cannot be turned on,it
means that it is in low power and need charging.

Receiver Collar: Turn on the receiver collar by pressing the ON/OFF button.If the Red LED light

is on ,it means it has enough power.If red LED light flashes 2 times a second or cannot be on,it
means that it is in low power and need charging.

Step 2 Charging the transmitter and receiver.

Connect the charger connector to the charging hole and put the charger into a standard outlet.
The Red LED light will be on when it begins charging.Please charge the transmitter and receiver
up to 4 hours for the first charging.After fully charged,the BLUE LED light will be on.
Step 3 Connect/Encode the transmitter with the receivers.
a. Turn on the receiver.
b. Adjust the thumb knob on the transmitter to any levels Except 0 Level.
c. Press any button on the transmitter, the connection between the transmitter and the receiver is

Note:If it is 1-2 system,please connect the transmitter with the receivers one by one.
Don’t turn on two receivers at the same time to avoid encoding the two receivers at the same
Step 4 Check the Functions of Shock,Vibration,Beep and Lighting.
Rotate the thumbwheel dial to any levels except “0”
Press the Beep or Vibration button,the receiver will produce beeping sound or vibration.
To test the shock function,cap the shock test kit on the metal prongs,press the shock button to see
the bulb light up immediately.
To test the Lighting,press the light button on the right side of the transmitter for 3 seconds,the
lamp will light up.Press the light button for 3 seconds,the lamp will turn off.

Step 5 Adjust the intensity/levels of the functions.

Rotate the thumbwheel dial to choose the desired levels of correctional signals.
Note:1 level is the weakest level,7 level is the levels strongest.
Step 6 Start to Train
Put the collar into the receiver,wear the receiver around the dog’s neck.Please leave about one
finger distance between the collar and the neck.
Press the 1/2 dog channel button to choose the dog Mode.The lift blue indicator mean to train the
1st dog,the right blue indicator means to the 2rd dog .Both of the two blue indicators mean to train
2 dogs at the same time.

Training tips:
This product is intended to support behavioral training and is not designed to be used without
necessary verbal/non-verbal interaction.
 Always praise your dog for good behavior.Verbal commands combined with positive
reinforcement will contribute to the success of your training and will achieve the fastest,most
desirable results.

  The recommended age for dog training is a minimum of 6 months,provided that dog hs the
attention span and capability to lean basic commands.
  Work with your pet on one behavior at a time to avoid confusion and frustration.Use as little
stimulus as possible and only to reinforce verbal commands when necessary.Do not over correct
your dog!
Use the beeps as warning by pressing the Ultrasound button.The dog will become conditioned to
the beep preceding the corrective stimulus and will soon learn to recognize the beep as a warning
to along with your verbal command.
This system is not appropriate for correcting aggressive behavior.Please consult a professional
trainer for advice.
  Use the corrective stimulus,along with your verbal command,to deter the dog from undesirable
behavior by administering the stimulus DURING THE ACTUAL BEHAVIOR.Using the device as
punishment after the fact is not recommended and may serve to confuse and frustrate the animal.
  Do not solely reply on this product to train your dog.If your dog shows signs of
growling,snarling,biting or aggression while using the collar,discontinue use immediately and
contact a professional trainer.
  Some dog will not respond to this product.We cannot guarantee the effectiveness of this or any
trainer for your dog.
  This product is not recommended for aggressive,elderly animals in poor health,or animals
otherwise unable to withstand the stimulus.

   To maximize the effectiveness of the iT728 remote training system,and safety of
your dog,check the fit of the collar frequently and readjust the position of the
electrodes on the animal’s neck,checking for signs of irritation or discomfort.
   If signs of skin irritation are noticed,immediately discontinue use and apply
antibiotic ointment to help heal and sooth the area.If the condition persists beyond 48
hours,please ask for advice of a veterinarian.Such side effects are extremely rare and
are generally caused by a more serious condition.

   The collar is not intended to be left on a dog for extended period of time without
supervision and doing so can lead to health problems.The conservative recommended
time limit without supervision is 12 hours.

   Wash the dog’s neck area and the correction poles as often as needed to keep the
area and poles clean.Make sure the straps are clean for best performance.The straps
can be removed for cleaning but must be replaced in the same position.

From undesirable behavior by administering the stimulus during the actual
behavior,using this device as a punishment after the fact is not recommended and may
serve to confuse or frustrate the animal.

Common Problem & Fixes:

The receiver does not seem to be working properly:

No beep,vibration or shock
-Make sure the receiver is fully charged.Low charge will cause the receiver to work
-Follow the instruction,match the receiver to the transmitter.
-Make sure the transmitter battery is good.A low battery will disallow the remote to
emit a strong signal every time.
-Make sure the thumb knob on transmitter is NOT pointing at a ZERO level.
-Make sure the receiver is turned on.If the receiver is turned off,the transmitter will
not be able to send out a signal and the signal icon light will not flash accordingly.
The receiver does not seem to take a charge:
   -Make sure the charger had been plug into the main supply tightly,as well as the
charging end had plug into the charging hole tightly,in charging the red LED light
inside receiver should come on.

My dog does not respond when I issue a correction:
     -Test the receiver according to the instructions above to make sure each stimulus
is functioning.
     -Make sure the correction prongs are positioned properly and that both prongs are
making contact with the dog’s skin and the collar is snug.
     -Increase the intensity level of the correction.

Safety Guidance
  -It is forbidden to open the shell in case of breakage of the machine or harm the
waterproof feature.Otherwise, it will violate warranty rules.
  -In order to guarantee submersible feature,the waterproof rubber charging lid
should be plugged in tightly.
  -Only use the supplied adaptor to charge the receiver,otherwise the receiver will
probably be damaged.
  -Users are not suggested to touch the shocking prongs,otherwise the receiver will
harm human body in case of shocking operation,for shocking test,please use the
supplied test kit.
  -If there has water in the charging hole,please dry it before charge the receiver.

Warranty,Term &Condition,Compliance
We guarantee the original retail purchaser that the iTrainer iT728 Remote Training
System will be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of one
year from the date of the original retail purchase.Provided that the damage is not
caused by abnormal use or neglect.Warranty does not cover lost parts,cracked
screen,physical damage or water damage.Warranty may include repair or
exchange.After expiration of the warranty,replacements and repairs are available at an
additional repair charge.

Additional Information for Terms of Use and Limitation of Liability
1.Terms of Use
   It is understood that you accept without modification of the terms and
conditions,the offering to you of this product.
2.Proper Design and Use
  This training collar had been designed for the training of dogs.Your pet’s
temperament may not be suitable for this system.This collar is not recommended for
dogs that are aggressive or neglected.
3.Unlawful and Prohibited Use
   This product is designed for training purposes.It is not intended to
punish,injure,provoke or harm.Using this product in a way in which is not intended is
strictly prohibited and can result in violation of Federal,State or local laws.
4.Limitation of Liability.
  In no event should we be liable for any damages arising out of or connected with the
use or misuse of this product.Buyer assumes all risks and liability associated with the
use of this product.
5.Modification of Terms and Conditions
  We reserves the right to change the terms and conditions under which this product is
offered.This equipment is in full compliance with the limits for Class B digital
device,pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC rules in the United States and Canadian
ICES-003regulations.For Europe,this product meets the standards for
R&TTR-Directive 1195/05EEC compliance.
   In some countries,this device may be restricted according to frequency or
transmission regulations:the user is responsible for compliance.
Unauthorized changes or modifications to the equipment are not approved by us,and
are additionally in violation of FCC regulations.Such modifications render the
warranty immediately void.

Additional Information
Common size of different dogs

Size             Neck(cm)          Chest             Back              Type
                                   Measurement(c     Length(cm)
Mini             20-22             25-30             19                Chihuahua,Yor
                                                                       kshire Temier
Small            20-24             29-36             23                Chihuahua,Yor
Medium           23-28             35-42             28                Maltese

Large              27-31              41-47               31                 Schnauzer,Engli
                                                                             sh      Cocker
Large              30-34              46-53               35                 Beagle
Large              33-37              52-59               40                 Husky
Huge               43-48              76-84               60                 Labrador
                   47-52              88-97               65                 Golden
                   52-62              92-100              70

Common weight of dogs
Large Dog (Body height above 61 cm,Weight above 40 kg)
Medium Dog(Height 40.7-61cm,Weight 11-30 kg)
Mini Dog(height under 25cm,Weight under 4kg)

FCC Warning

This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two
(1) This device may not cause harmful interference, and (2) this device must accept any
interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.

NOTE: Any changes or modifications to this unit not expressly approved by the party responsible
for compliance could void the user's authority to operate the equipment.

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