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FCC ID: 2AR64A2200

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FCC, Request for non-disclosure                                                      Date: 16-Jul-10
RF_501, Issue 6                                                                      Page 1 of 1

                                       Company Name: Valerann Ltd
                                       Address:      26 Elifellet St
                                       City:               Tel Aviv
                                       Country:            Israel

To:    Telefication B.V., Dept. FCC TCB
       Edisonstraat 12A
       6902 PK ZEVENAAR
       The Netherlands

Subject: Request for confidentiality FCC ID: 2AR64A2200

Reference number: ######


1. Long-Term Confidentiality

   Pursuant to 47 CFR Section 0.459(a) & (b), we hereby requests non-disclosure and confidential treatment
   of the following materials submitted in support of FCC certification application:

        Bill(s) of Material          Block Diagrams

        Operational Description      Schematic Diagrams               Tune-up Procedure

   Above materials contain secrets, proprietary and technical information, which would customarily be
   guarded from competitors under 47 CFR, section 0.457(d)(2). Disclosure or publication or any portion of
   this company confidential material to other parties could cause substantial competitive harm and provide
   unjustified benefits for competitors.

2. Short-Term Confidentiality (STC)

   Pursuant to Public Notice DA 04-1705 of the Commission’s policy, in order to comply with the marketing
   regulations in 47 CFR §2.803 and the importation rules in 47 CFR §2.1204, applicant hereby requests
   Short-Term Confidential treatment of the following materials (note 1):

        Internal Photos       User’s Manual           Test Set-up Photos                External Photos

   Justification: Valerann is a small start-up that is investing a lot of time and resources in
   developing a unique traffic management system that can significantly reduce congestion and
   accidents. The proprietary technology behind the system is the basis of Valerann's advantage.
   Valerann depends on this advantage to be able to provide a service to road operators and also
   to justify investment from investors, who believe in Valerann's technological edge. If Valerann's
   proprietary technology is disclosed to 3rd parties it would significatly jeprodise Valerann's ability
   to secure funding and risk never realising the safety and traffic efficiency benefits the system
   can bring our roads

   Planned Release Date STC: 180 days after grant date (notes 2, 3, 4, 5)

Date    January 13, 2019          Name and signature of applicant: Daniel Yakovich

FCC, Request for non-disclosure                                                                             Date: 16-Jul-10
RF_501, Issue 6                                                                                             Page 1 of 1

1) A document or type of document can only have ONE type of confidentiality!
2) Short-Term confidentiality is in principle for 45 days from date of grant; it can be extended max 3 times (total time 180 days max.)!
3) FCC must be informed when marketing begins earlier.
4) Release takes place automatically thus extension must be requested in time. Telefication does not remind you of this!
5) Request for extension or for release must be received by Telefication at least 7 days before date of actual marketing or before
expiration of the STC period

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