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Applicant/Grantee        Beautiful Light Technology Corporation
FCC ID:                  2AMD3—BTO26                                       |
                                Section 15.212 Modular Transmitters /
X |_   Request for Modular Approval | _| Request for Limited Modular Approval
         I            Requirements                         Device Conditions                        Comply (Y¥/N)
                                    Single Modular Approval Requirements
          The radio elements must have the radio        The module has its own RF shielding."
          frequency circuitry must be shielded.         Shield Can is employed on the board
   4      Physical/discrete and tuning capacitors       structure, please see exhibition External         y
          may be located external to the shield, but    Photo, the emission measurement was
          must be on the module assembly.               conducted without further shielding
          The module shall have buffered                All modulation and data input(s) are
          modulation/data input(s) (if such inputs are| buffered." The EUT has buffered data
          provided) to ensure that the module will      inputs, it is integrated on the RF chip
   3      comply with the requirements set out in the;                                                    y
          applicable RSS standard under conditions
          of excessive data rates or over—modulation.

         The module shall have its own power            Output poweris controlled by the RF
         supply regulation on the module. This is to|   Chip and de—coupled from supply
         ensure that the module will comply with        voltage variations.
         the requirements set out in the applicable     Frequencies are determined by Crystal
         standard regardless of the design of the
   3     power supplying circuitry in the host                                                            y
         device which houses the module.
         Requirements set out in the applicable
         standard regardless of the
         design of the power supplying circuitry in
         the host device which houses the module.
         The module shall comply with the            The antenna is part of the module
         provisions for external power amplifiers
         and antennas detailed in this standard. The
   4     Equipment certification submission shall                                                         y
         contain a detailed description of the
         configuration of all antennas that will be
         used with the module.
        The module shall be tested for compliance The modular transmitter was tested in a
        with the applicable standard in a stand—     stand—alone configuration via a SPI
        alone configuration, i.e. the module must    Interface.
   5    not be inside another device during testing.                                                     Y

        The module shall comply with the                In the exhibition OEM manual, there are
   6    Category I equipment labelling                  Instructions given to the OEM on how to          y
        requirements.                                   label the end product.

         The modular transmitter complies with all    Instructions in User Manual
         specific rules or operating requirements
         that ordinarily apply to a complete
         transmitter and the manufacturer will
         provide adequate instructions along with                                                       y
         the module to explain any such
         requirements. A copy of these instructions
         is included in this application for
         equipment authorization:

         Address compliance with the                  Please refer the Maximum Permissible
         Commission‘s RF exposure limits in           Exposure Information.
         Sections 1.1310 and 2.1093. In addition,
         spread spectrum transmitters operating
         under Section 15.247 are required to
         address RF exposure compliance in
         accordance with Section 15.247(b)(4).

A limited modular approval may be granted for single or split modular transmitters that do not comply with
all of the above requirements, e.g., shielding, minimum signaling amplitude, buffered modulation/data inputs, or
power supply regulation, if the manufacturer can demonstrate by alternative means in the application for
equipment authorization that the modular transmitter meets all the applicable Part 15 requirements under the
operating conditions in which the transmitter will be used. Limited modular approval also may be granted in
those instances where compliance with RF exposure rules is demonstrated only for particular product
configurations. The applicant for certification must state how control of the end product into which the module
will be installed will be maintained such that full compliance of the end product is always ensured.

Name/Title: Tim Chiv/CEO
Company Name: Beautiful Light Technology Corporation
Date:    Aug. 2019

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