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ViaSat, Inc.


Mobile Satellite ventures   LP

                                              January 28,2008

      Via Hand Delivery
      Mr. James Burtle
      Chief, Experimental Licensing Branch
      Office of Engineering and Technology
      Federal Communications Commission
      445 12th Street, S.W.                                                 RECEIVED - FCC
      Washington, D.C. 20554

              Re:    ViaSat, Inc.
                     File No. 0005-EX-ML2008

      Dear Mr. Burtle:

               The above-referenced application by ViaSat, Inc.("Applicant") seeks an experimental
      license to provide RF signal testing, inter alia, throughout the 1435-1559 MHz and 1650-1660.5
      MHz bands at the Applicant's facility in Atlanta, GA. These frequencies include service link
      frequencies authorized for and operationally in use by Mobile Satellite Ventures Subsidiary LLC
      ("MSV"). MSV is the licensee of AMSC-1 and MSV-1, United States satellites licensed by the
      Commission to provide Mobile Satellite Service ("MSS") in the L band (1 525-154411545-1559
      M H z (downlink) and 1626.5-1645.5/1646.5-1660.5 MHz (uplink)) and provides. inter alia,
      critical communications services to public safety users.

               Based on a technical review of the application, the proposed testing appears to present a
      risk of interference to MSV's MSS satellite networks. Accordingly, MSV requests that the
      Office of Engineering and Technology ("OET') require that the Applicant remove the 1525-
      1544'1545-1559 m z and 1626-5-1645.51'1 646.5-1660.5 MHz frequency bands from its
      application. OET should also require the Applicant to assure that adequate guard bands are
      provided at the band edges of its caniers near the band edges of MSV's operations to preclude
      the possibility of unacceptable interference. See 47 C.F.R. § 5.85(c) (grant of all experimental
      authorizations are conditioned on not causing any harmful interference); see also 47 C.F.R. 5
      5.1 1 1. Moreover, if the Applicant's transmissions cause harmful interference the Applicant must
      immediately cease such transmissions, as required by the Commission's rules. OET should
      require that the Applicant notify MSV prior to commencing experimental operations and provide
      MSV with a point of contact for this purpose.

Mr. James Burtle
January 28.2008
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      Please contact the undersigned with any quqtions.

                                          Vice fiesident, Regulatory Affairs
                                          -MOBILE SATELLITE VENTURES
                                                 SUBSIDIARY LLC
                                          10802 Parkndge Boulevard
                                          Reston, Virginia 20 19 1
                                          (703) 390-2700

Mr. James Burtle
January 28.2008
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                                    CERTIFICATE OF SERVICE

        I. Jennifer A. Manner, hereby certify that on this 28th day of January 2008, I served a
true copy of the foregoing by first-class United States mail, postage prepaid, upon the following:
Behnam Ghaffari*                                  James Burtle*
Office of Engineering and Technology              Office of Engineering and Technology
Federal Communications Commission                 Federal Communications Commission
445 121h Street. S.W.                             445 12Ih Street, S.W.
Washington. DC 20554                              Washington. DC 20554

Darryl Hunter
Sr. Systems Engineer
Viasat, Inc.
615 El Camino Real
Carlsbad. CA 92009

*By hand delivery

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