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A600 High-Gain Tracking
Directional Diversity Antenna System
Troll’s A600 is simply the most scaleable ground antenna
system on the market today. Awarded multiple patents
for tracking methods and design, for the past ten years
the system has proven itself in challenging physical and
saturated radio frequency environments. The antenna
provides multi-band diversity reception and long range
asset tracking in up to four bands simultaneously.

The combination of high-gain directional feed elements
and a medium-gain diversity array enables the A600
to automate signal acquisition and signal tracking on
up to eight antenna inputs at a single time. In the
most sophisticated systems, Troll provides differential
GPS and unique RF tracking technologies to automate
signal acquisition and signal-lock for bidirectional
video and data links. These unparalleled capabilities
can concurrently support an almost infinite variety of fast
moving airborne, terrestrial or marine platforms.

The A600:
   • Operates at long distances
   • Minimizes multi-path interference
   • Minimizes operator workload
                                                                 Easy-to-operate and install
   • Lowers installation costs
   • Automates set-up and tracking                               Unidirectional and bidirectional systems
   • Provides plug and play network management
                                                                 ASI or Ethernet transport output
The A600 allows the operator to concentrate on the content,
                                                                 Long-range and short-range operation
not the capture of the signal. The system is designed to         Multi-path immune
be completely hands-off, once the receive channel has been
set. The A600 manages everything from capture via the panel      Self-optimizing/auto-tracking
antennas, the automatic peaking of the directional antenna,
and the complete optimization of the system. No other antenna    Multiple system configurations available
system looks like this or performs like this.
                                                                 Resists signal jamming or interference
Using Troll’s two to eight input diversity receiver, the
A600’s high-gain directional antenna and surrounding
sector panels is truly a unique system. Its redundant
and precision offset feeds provide multi-path immunity
and robust long-range operation with minimal operator

A single multipurpose fiber cable carries bidirectional video,
data and control to Troll’s DMR diversity receiver to simplify
installation, minimize cost and improve performance.
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  Tracking - High-Gain, Panel Diversity System

  A600 Directional Diversity UHF to Ku Band
  Up to (8) Channel Diversity Receive System
 A600 Physical Characteristics                                                     SPECIFICATIONS CONTINUED
 General:                                                                        Receiver/Demodulator:                                          Six (6) Channel UHF
 System Type:               High-Gain Cavity Array                               Main:                                                          COFDM RX
 Main Antenna:              One (1) High-Gain Offset Fed Truncated Parabolic                                                                    Multi-Input Maximal-Ratio
 Diversity Antennas:        Five (5) Medium-Gain, Slotted Dipole                                                                                Combining (MRC)
 Down-Converters:           Six (6) UHF Down-converters with LNA.                Transport stream:                                              ASI
 Receiver:                  DVB-T/COFDM                                          Control:                                                       Serial Control via Troll
                            Multi-Input Maximal-Ratio Combining (MRC) ASI Output                                                                Control System
                                                                                 COFDM num of Carriers:                                         2K
 System Interface:                                                               Modulation Types:                                              QPSK, 16-QAM & 64-
 Connection:                Single Control Cable                                                                                                QAM
 Control:                   Serial RS485                                         Forward Error Correction                                       1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8
 Power:                     28 vdc (3 Amps) or 110 / 220 VAC                     Guard Intervals:                                               1/32, 1/16, 1/8, 1/4
 Outputs:                   2 ASI, 75 ohm                                        Input Frequency:                                               49 - 862 MHz
 Control Device:            DMR Site Controller (DMR6000, S750, X750)            Input Impedance:                                               75 ohm
                                                                                 Bandwidth Selections:                                          6, 7 or 8 MHz
 Options:                   Self-enclosed Remote Panel Antennas
                            Multi-Bands Available (up to quad band)              Decryption Options:                                            AES- 128/256
                            Dual Receiver Mode (High-Gain /
                            up to Eight-Channel Diversity)
                            Filtering per System Requirements                                        Encrypted
                                                                                                     IP Video
                            Bidirectional Systems Available                                          Stream 1

 Main Antenna:                                                                                                                                               Encrypted
                                                                                                                                                             IP Video
 Type:                      Offset Fed Truncated Parabolic                                                                                                   Stream 2

 Frequency:                 300 MHz to 15GHz
 Gain:                      18 dBi to 33 dBi (Dependant on Frequency)
 Antenna Polarization:      Vertical (Quad Polarization Optional)
 Steering Azmuth            Continuous Rotation, Max Speed 60 Degrees/Second
                                                                                                                                                         A600 - Six Input Diversity Antenna
 Steering Elevation         Steering + 35 to 5 degrees (Recommended azbove 3GHz)                                                                         Remote Antenna Site
                                                                                                           Fiber Cable
 Diversity Antennas:                                                                    (Power, Control, Video and Data)

 Type:                      Cavity Backed Dipole                                                                                    DMR6000 Receiver
 Number:                    Up to Five Evenly Spaced Around the High-Gain Antenna
 Antenna Gain:              12 dBi minimum (Frequency Dependant)
 Antenna Polarization:      Vertical (Quad Polarization Optional)                         Encrypted IP
                                                                                          Video Stream 1
                                                                                                                                       to any of the
                                                                                                                                       DMR6000 J4
                                                                                                                                       Ethernet Switch              IP NETWORK CONNECTION

 Antenna Beamwidth          Azmuth 75° / Elevation 38°

                                                                                                                                                                    to Ethernet
                                                                                                            1   2   3   4   5   6                                                           ETHERNET SWITCH

 Block Down Converter:                                                                                                               DMR6000 Receiver               IP NETWORK CONNECTION

 RF Frequency Range:        1.4 GHz to 15GHz                                                                                                                        to Ethernet

 RF Input VSWR:             <1.5:1
 IF Frequency Range:        810 – 300 MHz                                                Encrypted IP                                  to any of the

                                                                                         Video Stream 2
                                                                                                                                       DMR6000 J4

 RF Input Impedance:        75 ohms
                                                                                                                                       Ethernet Switch

 Noise Figure:              <3.0 dB
 Frequency               UHF Optional L Band                       S Band           Lower C                             Upper C                                   Ku
 Diversity Array         Dual Can              Dual Slot           Dual Slot        Quad Slot                           Quad Slot                                 Quad Slot
 Tracking Antenna:       13 dBi                21.0 dBi            24.0 dBi         30.0 dBi                            32.dBi                                    37.0 dBi
 *HPBW (EL)°             ± 18°EL               ± 8°EL              ± 5.5°EL         ± 3.5°EL                            ± 3°EL                                    ± 1°EL
 *HPBW (AZ)°             ± 11°AZ               ± 4°AZ              ± 3°AZ           ±1.5°AZ                             ± 1.25°AZ                                 ± 0.75°AZ
 Polarization:           Vertical              Vertical            Vertical         Vertical                            Vertical                                  RCP
 * HPBW Half Power Beam Width

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