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Application Form:
OET Special Temporary Authority Report

Applicant Name
Name of Applicant:  Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation America

Attention: Richard Abran
Street Address: 7988 Andrews St NE
P.O. Box:
City: Moses Lake
State: WA
Zip Code: 98837
E-Mail Address: [email protected]

Best Contact
Give the following information of person who can best handle inquiries pertaining to this application:  
Last Name: Abran
First Name: Richard
Title: Telemetry Group Lead
Phone Number: 509-350-3731

Please explain in the area below why an STA is necessary:
This request for Special temporary Authority (STA) is submitted pursuant to 47 CFR 5.61 to request authorization to perform High Intensity Radiated Field (HIRF) testing. This testing is to be performed in support of an FAA/JCAB aircraft certification program, and is intended to show compliance with 14 CFR 25.1317. The proposed operation is expected to be completed within a period not to exceed two months. Note: requested period is for 6 months to allow for schedule changes should they arise. STA is required because the aircraft and its systems will be subjected to HIRF susceptibility tests including the use of frequencies from 1.5 MHz to 18 GHz.

Purpose of Operation
Please explain the purpose of operation:  HIRF testing The operation to be performed includes the execution of low level coupling HIRF tests comprised of low level swept current (LLSC) and low level swept field (LLSF) tests. The LLSC test will involve illuminating the aircraft with low-level external HIRF field to measure the transfer function between the external field and the aircraft and equipment wire bundle currents. By calculating the ratio between the induced wire bundle current and the illuminating antenna field strength and normalizing this ratio to 1 V/m, we will obtain the transfer function in terms of induced current per unit of external field strength. The current induced by the applicable external HIRF environment can then be calculated by multiplying the transfer function by the external HIRF field strength. The LLSF test will be performed on the aircraft from 1.5 MHz to 18 GHz. The internal RF fields in the vicinity of the equipment will be measured instead of the wire bundle currents. The relation between the internal and external fields provides the attenuation of the structure for each tested location.

Callsign: WP9XWM
Class of Station: FX
Nature of Service: Experimental

Requested Period of Operation
Operation Start Date: 03/15/2020
Operation End Date: 09/15/2020

List below transmitting equipment to be installed (if experimental, so state) if additional rows are required, please submit equipment list as an exhibit:  
Manufacturer Model Number No. Of Units Experimental
South Midlands Comms. TA15-560C/A 4 No
Amplifier Research Model 999 1 No
AtlanTecRF AS61233-20 2 No
ERA Technology 100M20G30dB 2 No
Vectawave VBA400-260 1 No
Marconi Instruments TF2102M1 1 No
Black Star Jupiter 500 1 No
Rohde & Schwarz SMF100A 1 No
Agilent 8648D 1 No
Rohde & Schwarz FSP30 1164.4391 1 No
Schaffner CBL6111C 2 No
Teseq CBL6111D 2 No
A H Systems SAS-571 2455 1 No

Neither the applicant nor any other party to the application is subject to a denial of Federal benefits that includes FCC benefits pursuant to Section 5301 of the Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1988, 21 U.S.C. Section 862, because of a conviction for possession or distribution of a controlled substance. The applicant hereby waives any claim to the use of any particular frequency or electromagnetic spectrum as against the regulatory power of the United States because of the prvious use of the same, whether by license or otherwise, and requests authorization in accordance with this application. (See Section 304 of the Communications Act of 1934, as amended.) The applicant acknowledges that all statements made in this application and attached exhibits are considered material representations, and that all the exhibits part hereof and are incorporated herein as if set out in full in this application; undersigned certifies that all statements in this application are true, complete and correct to the best of his/her knowledge and belief and are made in good faith. Applicant certifies that construction of the station would NOT be an action which is likely to have a significant environmental effect. See the Commission's Rules, 47 CFR1.1301-1.1319.
Signature of Applicant (Authorized person filing form): Richard Abran
Title of Applicant (if any):
Date: 2019-10-30 00:00:00.0

Station Location
City State Latitude Longitude Mobile Radius of Operation
Moses Lake Washington North  47  12  6 West  119  18  24 0.15
Datum:  NAD 83
Is a directional antenna (other than radar) used?   No
Exhibit submitted:   No
(a) Width of beam in degrees at the half-power point:  
(b) Orientation in horizontal plane:  
(c) Orientation in vertical plane:  
Will the antenna extend more than 6 meters above the ground, or if mounted on an existing building, will it extend more than 6 meters above the building, or will the proposed antenna be mounted on an existing structure other than a building?   No
(a) Overall height above ground to tip of antenna in meters:  
(b) Elevation of ground at antenna site above mean sea level in meters:  
(c) Distance to nearest aircraft landing area in kilometers:  
(d) List any natural formations of existing man-made structures (hills, trees, water tanks, towers, etc.) which, in the opinion of the applicant, would tend to shield the antenna from aircraft:
Action Frequency Station Class Output Power/ERP Mean Peak Frequency Tolerance (+/-) Emission Designator Modulating Signal
New 1.00000000-18.00000000 GHz FX 1.310000 W 7.692000 W N0N
Action Frequency Station Class Output Power/ERP Mean Peak Frequency Tolerance (+/-) Emission Designator Modulating Signal
New 1.50000000-45.00000000 MHz FX 83.950000 W 83.950000 W N0N
Action Frequency Station Class Output Power/ERP Mean Peak Frequency Tolerance (+/-) Emission Designator Modulating Signal
New 40.00000000-400.00000000 MHz FX 6.920000 W 6.400000 W N0N
Action Frequency Station Class Output Power/ERP Mean Peak Frequency Tolerance (+/-) Emission Designator Modulating Signal
New 200.00000000-1000.00000000 MHz FX 0.002000 W 0.001000 W N0N


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