Narrative Purpose of STA and Frequency Coordination

1226-EX-ST-2019 Text Documents

Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company


                                Video Production Events
                      Special Temporary Authorization Application
                         July 28, 2019 through January 20, 2020

This STA request will facilitate the operation of the Goodyear Airships for video production
at a series of major sporting and other major televised events in numerous States. These
events, which are listed on the schedule attached to this application, include horse racing,
parades, automobile racing, golf tournaments, basketball, baseball and other sporting events
and entertainment productions. These require use of frequencies outside of the normal 2 GHz
BAS/LTTS/CARS band which is necessary in the listed markets, due to severe overcrowding
of normal BAS bands.

All operation will be coordinated in advance, as are all radio frequency operations in and
around these events, by the Society of Broadcast Engineers frequency coordinators in the
broadcast markets where the events are to occur. Other events will be coordinated in advance
with specific event frequency coordinators who may be retained by the event sponsors to
insure spectrum compatibility. This application proposes the use of spectrum in the band
2390-2450 MHz. Operation will also be coordinated in advance with the American Radio
Relay League, Inc. because of the use of Amateur Radio primary spectrum in the entire
frequency range specified. AFTRCC Coordination is not required because flight testing is not
occurring in the shared segment 2390-2395 MHz on a co-primary basis between flight test
telemetry and the Amateur Radio Service.

        Should any interference be reported, Goodyear operation will cease operation at that
venue immediately and not resume until resolved to the satisfaction of the licensee(s)
affected. On site, the contact person and the “stop buzzer” contact will be Mr. Joshua Miller,
Chief of Aerial Broadcast Operations, who can be reached by mobile phone at 330-354-6302.

       Any additional information can be obtained from counsel for the applicant:

Christopher D. Imlay
Booth, Freret & Imlay, LLC
14356 Cape May Road
Silver Spring, Maryland 20904-6011
301-384-5525 telephone
301-384-6384 facsimile
301-351-3795 mobile

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