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                                                                     Florida 33431, USA
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Date: June 7 2019
From: Venkat Potluri, Airspan Networks Inc.
Subject: Airspan Networks Inc. experimental STA application license for new
LTE B53 development and testing along the east coast of Florida for a direct air-
to-ground broadband system.
FCC Information:
                       FRN: 0027651678
                       FCC File number: 1040-EX-ST-2019

Reference Documents:
RD1: Airspan Networks Memorandum document (this document)
RD2: Additional supporting documents for STA
RD3: FCC Table of frequency allocations (Note US380)
The purpose of this memorandum is to apply the experimental STA application for FRN:
0027651678, presented under Airspan networks Inc.
This application seeks STA for research, development and testing along the east coast of Florida
for a direct air-to-ground broadband system that is not yet certified.

The purpose of operation is to demonstrate the LTE-based air-to-ground system (DA2G) that will
provide broadband connectivity and internet service to aircraft during flights. Technical details are
shown in RD2.

The experimental STA application requests uplink/downlink in the 2484-2495 MHz On this band,
2484 – 2495 MHz is allocated for Mobile Satellite Service use; however, a non-federal licensee in
accordance with FCC table of frequency allocations Note US380 (RD2) also authorizes the
allocation for use.

In case of any interference, Airspan will immediately take steps to resolve it, which includes
shutting down the operation.

Airspan Networks requests the use of this band 53 on a non-interference basis.

 Band Name                  Downlink/Uplink (MHz)              Bandwidth (MHz)

 53     TD 2400             2484 - 2495                        10

Airspan Networks AirHarmony 1000 will be used as a base station (FX) for the air-to-ground
solution. AirHarmony 1000 is a Compact and versatile 4G LTE Micro Base Station provides the
outdoor Micro layer of a Heterogeneous LTE-Advanced network deployment. It is deployed
extensively throughout the Mobile communication industries.

Airspan Networks AirSky will be used as a Mobile station (MO) for the air-to-ground solution. It
is an ultra-compact LTE UE connects to the base station from the aircraft.

Stop Buzzer Contact: Contact person for Stop Buzzer is Mr. Nicholas Pritchard. If any interference
during the testing he can be reached at +1 561 654 5926 to cease operations.

In addition, more information regarding the testing locations, base station/mobile antennas
specifications are included in the reference documents.

Thank you for your consideration of STA application, please feel free to contact me if you need
any further information.

Venkat Potluri
Technical Leader
Airspan Networks Inc.
+1 561 945 3825

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