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1007-EX-ST-2019 Text Documents

3G Wireless, LLC.


June 2, 2019

In re Application of3G Wireless, LLC

501 McCormick Drive, Suite B, Glen Burnie, Maryland 21061

To Operate in the 2200-2290MHZ, 2300-2360MHz, 3400-3460MHz Telemetry

Band to Provide TV Coverage in the Continental United States.

ATTN.: Microwave Branch

3G Wireless, LLC hereby requests Special Temporary Authority (STA) to operate in the 2200-2290MHz,

2300-2390MHz, and 3400-3460MHz.Telemetry Band pursuant to Section 21.25 of the Commission’s

Rules. 3G Wireless, LLC requests that the Commission grant it temporary authority to operate on the

frequencies centered at 2186MHz, 2196MHz, 2206MHz, 2216MHz, 2226MHz, 2236MHz, 2246MHz,

2256MHz, 2266MHz, 2276MHz, 2286MHz, 2296MHz, 2306MHz,2316MHz, 2376MHz, 2386MHz,

2396MHz, 3406MHz, 3416MHz, 3426MHz, 3436MHz, 3446MHz, and 3456MHzwith an 8MHz bandwidth

from June 25, 2019 through October 13, 2019 with intermittent usage. As explained below, 3G Wireless,

LLC is filing an STA request for the Live Television Transmission of the International Motorsports

Association racing series within the United States. 3G Wireless, LLC submits that there are extraordinary

circumstances warranting a grant of the STA request. NASCAR Media Group has contracted 3G Wireless,

LLC to provide the necessary microwave for the Live Transmission of this event. Due to the extreme

frequency congestion in the United States, coupled with the added congestion from traditional

Television and News coverage of the special event, 3G Wireless requests the use of channels in the

2200-2290MHz, 2300-2360MHz, and 3400-3460MHz Telemetry Band. 3G Wireless, LLC certifies that the

operation of the requested channels for the purposes specified herein will not cause interference to any

established stations.

        Grant of the instant request for STA in the 2.2, 2.3, and 3.4MHz Bands would serve the public

interest by enabling 3G Wireless, LLC to supply the requested remote video coverage for this event. The

proposed service would enhance coverage of the event by providing on the spot pictures from mobile

locations that would not otherwise be available to the Production Company. 3G Wireless, LLC is in the

process of obtaining the consent of the relevant frequency coordinators for this project, including

AFTRCC. AFTRCC has indicated its intent to forward the results of the coordination to the Commission.

In accordance with Section 74.633 of the Commission’s Rules, the following is provided:

Applicants Name: 3G Wireless, LLC

Address: 501 McCormick Drive, Suite B

Glen Burnie Maryland 21061

Type and Manufacturer

Of Equipment: Domo Tactical Communications (DTC) Solo 7 TX

Power Output: 100mw

ERP: 100mW

Emission: 8M00D7W


2206.0MHz, 8M00D7W @100mW

2216.0MHz, 8M00D7W @100mW

2226.0MHz, 8M00D7W @100mW

2236.0MHz, 8M00D7W @100mW

2246.0MHz, 8M00D7W @100mW

2256.0MHz, 8M00D7W @100mW

2266.0MHz, 8M00D7W @100mW

2276.0MHz, 8M00D7W @100mW

2286.0MHz, 8M00D7W @100mW

2296.0MHz, 8M00D7W @100mW

2306.0MHz, 8M00D7W @100mW

2316.0MHz, 8M00D7W @100mW

2376.0MHz, 8M00D7W @100mW

2386.0MHz, 8M00D7W @100mW

2396.0MHz, 8M00D7W @100mW

3406.0MHz, 8M00D7W @100mW

3416.0MHz, 8M00D7W @100mW

3426.0MHz, 8M00D7W @100mW

3436.0MHz, 8M00D7W @100mW

3446.0MHz, 8M00D7W @100mW

3456.0MHz, 8M00D7W @100mW

Area of Operation: Continental United States 2Km around race tracks.


Watkins Glen International                06.25-30.2019                N42 20 13

Watkins Glen, NY                                                       W 76 55 38

Lime Rock Park                            07.16-20.2019                N41 55 40

Lakeville, CT                                                          W 73 23 01

Road America                              07.30-08.05.2019             N 43 47 51

Plymouth, WI                                                           W 87 59 38

Virginia International Raceway           08.20-26.2019                 N 36 33 42

Alton, VA                                                              W 79 12 17

Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca                09.10-16.2019                 N 36 35 03

Salinas, CA                                                            W121 45 13

Road Atlanta                            10.07-13.2019                  N 34 08 48

Braselton, GA                                                          W 83 49 04

Antenna Height: 6’ AGL

Antenna: 0dB Omni

Antenna Gain: 0dBi

Dates of Operation: June 25, 2019 – October 13, 2019

(Intermittent Usage during this day)

3G Wireless, LLC requests an STA to operate on the above-referenced frequency for a period not to

exceed 4 months. No application for regular authorization will subsequently be filed.

3G Wireless, LLC certifies that no party to the application is subject to a denial of federal benefits

pursuant to Section 5301 of the Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1988, 21 U.S.C ξ 853(a).

Should you have any questions regarding this matter, please contact, Stephen Tobias, by telephone
(410) 564-9291

Respectfully submitted,

By: Stephen Tobias

Frequency Coordinator

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