Dismiss E-mail Notification generated [Apr 12 2019]

0410-EX-ST-2019 Correspondence

3G Wireless, LLC.


To: Stephen Tobias
E-Mail: stephent@3gwireless.tv
From: OET Systems Administration (Batch Processing) OET Systems Administration (Batch Processing)
Date: April 12, 2019

Subject: OET Experimental License Dismissal Notification, Call Sign: WO9XCG File Number:

This refers to application, File No 0410-EX-ST-2019, for an experimental authorization. This is an
automatic email to notify you that the referenced application has been dismissed without prejudice. An
electronic copy of the dismissal letter will be posted shortly to the application. Please see the dismissal
letter for further details and you may contact the experimental branch if you have questions.

DO NOT Reply to this email by using the 'Reply' button.

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